EST Vita Max Medicated Hair Shampoo for Livestock

Description: EST Vita Max shampoo provides livestock with lustrous volume and shine. This shampoo is medicated to repel and treat flies, mosquitos, lice, ring worm, wool fungus and etc. It is made with coconut oil and green tea extract to clean deep, down to the roots of the hair follicle. For hair growth, Biotin is added to strengthen the hair follicle along with increasing elasticity of the cortex to prevent dryness, brittleness and breakage. Vitamins B-5 and E are added to stimulate healthy scalp circulation, capillary growth and long term moisturizing properties. This allows the hair shaft to be gently sealed, nourished and protected to provide shine.  EST Vita Max is a plant based formula, biodegradable and pH balanced. It does not contain any hard invasive detergents that can strip the natural oils or leave hair flat.