Micro Neutri Zyme with Minerals contains beneficial microorganisms, which occur naturally in the gut of animals. It contains Probiotics and minerals and is used whenever animals require the rapid establishment of beneficial micro-flora in the gut. Antibiotic therapy, dietary changes, travel stress, post operative and an anesthesia poor appetite. This product is designed for continuous use to promote efficient digestion and immunity or at times of stress when digestive upsets occur.

Probiotics help the Microflora. This is made up of billions of bacteria, protozoa and fungi. When these are balanced, the Microflora help digestion, promote absorption of various required minerals, stimulate immunity, improve utilization of feed, reduce intestinal upsets, improve health and prevent the proliferation of some potential disease causing pathogens. The use of Probiotics can help these functions and over all health and diseases fighting capability.

Many animal feed and feed additives throw these Microflora out of balance. Environmental changes can influence the Microflora so can stress, antibiotics, steroids, disease and exposure to toxic substances among other factors.

By introducing this Micro Neutri Zyme with Minerals supplements  with feed, it will improve skin tone,eye brightness,proper balance weight gain, stronger bone mass,bigger horns(antlers),alertness,immune system,sharpness and over all health improvements.

Use this product as directed. Read label instructions for proper dosage required amount.

Technical Director

Vinay Patel