In past biological products have come in two forms, powder and liquid. Powder bacteria does not mix well with water, thus the effectiveness is reduced.

The important thing to remember about biological products is that you are dealing with live organisms. When bacteria eat & reproduce in non-laboratory conditions (specific PH, temperature, & food source.) each generation becomes less and less effective. Special food source is given to bacteria to maintain their reproductions. As the bacteria eat & reproduce in these non-laboratory conditions, the product’s effectiveness decreases rapidly. By the time the product is purchased for use, the buyer has no guarantee of any effectiveness. In addition, powder and liquid forms of this type have very short life.

E.S.T utilizes a special process called micro encapsulation process in all of our product lines. After growing bacteria in laboratory certified conditions to insure first generation potency. Our special process creates a protective barrier around each bacteria cell. The bacteria are neither dead nor alive but rather in a state of suspended in animation or ‘’dormancy’’.

When activator (food source) is added to the liquid the protective barrier is dissolved and the user is insured that the highest count possible of first generation bacteria process allows us to have a shelf life of a minimum one-year or more.

Why bacteria / Enzymes? Why not bacteria only or enzyme only?

In the past, biological products have come in a few forms; bacteria formulations, enzyme producing bacteria formulations and enzyme only formulation. A crash in microbiology shows that all bacteria produce their own specific enzymes to aid in the digestion of the food source into that Mother Nature created them to eat. Enzyme brakes down a food source into a form that the bacteria can eat. By using a “Bacteria only” or “Enzyme producing bacteria” (Remember that all bacteria produce enzymes), you are counting on the bacteria to produce their own enzymes to do the job that they were bought to do. Unfortunately, since the majority of products are not stabilized you are asking the ineffective strains to perform a task that they simply can’t handle. By using enzyme only products, you simply are not “finishing” the job. Enzyme only products, usually only pass the problem downs the line to cause substantially larger problems later.