SEBS Bacterial Systems are highly dedicated to the development and manufacturer of high quality environmentally friendly and responsible biotechnological products, utilizing natural resources SEBS systems incorporate specific technology to solve numerous industrial, commercial, and institutional problems which result from organic waste.

EST’S SEBS Bacterial system digest more organic solid waste and complete degradation of difficult organic compound than any other systems currently on market today.

SEBS Description: SEBS Micro organisms has highest count of (colony forming units) for broad spectrum of digesting oil Hydrocarbons grease, detergents and phenols. To meet this increasing challenge head on EST products group has developed SEBS is an advanced bio-technological product series which contains a synergized blend of eight microorganisms. Each stain has been selectively adapted to specifically degrade and digest difficult to a non-biodegradable organic compounds such as those mentioned above.


· Grease and oil degradation.
· Fats and oil digesting.
· Instant odor control.
· Reduce sludge solids, accumulation.
· Detergent degradation.
· Sanitary waste degradation.
· Restore marine life.
· Improve soil conditions for aquatic plants.
· Eliminates organic fouling.
· Digest phenol and protein.
· Economical to use.
· Improves water condition naturally for irrigation.

Application: For contaminated river, lakes, ponds, lagoons and or wherever there is oil, hydrocarbon or grease presents in the water.

Dosage: Use 1, gal SEBS to one million gallons of water, can be poured in to directly in the running water or can be applied with automatic drip systems. For ponds and lagoons, this product can be poured around the edge or sprayed over the surface. For faster result use aeration, this will help speed up the cleaning process.
*In some cases initial dosage may require more concentrate SEBS.

Mixing Method: Mix one pouch of activator to one gallon of SEBS.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid contact with open wounds, keep container closed when not in use. Store out of direct sun light. Do not take internally.