Application / Problem:

Contaminated water clean up can be achieved by a two-step process:
1. By using SEBS Bacterial system, Removing, Solids, Sludge, Heavy Metals, Hydrocarbons, and any inorganic waste dissolved in contaminated water.
2. By using flocculation treatment, settling contamination solids from the water to the bottom of ponds or tanks, leaving clean clear water on top before discharging. (see flocculent product data for details.)

SEBS Results:

· Instant odor control and elimination.
· Reduces solids down to more than 80%.
· Reduces ammonia Bods / Toss.
· Digest and Liquefies waste plus.
· Non-Toxic.
· Non-Corrosive.
· Non-Polluting.
· Remediation of remote areas where mobilization of traditional equipment is not possible.
· Remediation of spills within secondary containment areas to insure compliance with storm water management plans.
· The contamination is treated on-site, rather than simply relocating the problem. Liability issues are limited because the contaminated areas are treated on site.
· A competitive project cost, generally thousands of dollars less than traditional “dig & haul methods.

SEBS Bacterial systems are highly dedicated to the development and manufacturer of high quality environmentally friendly and responsible biotechnological products, utilizing natural resources SEBS systems incorporate specific technology to solve numerous industrial commercial, and institutional problems, which result from waste.

1. Initial Treatment: For each acre-foot of volume (approximately 323000 gallons) use 3 gallon of SEBS for the initial inoculation. There after use one gallon once a week per acre-foot.
2. Than follow up with flocculent applications (see product data for proper dosage).

For Holding Tanks: Use 2 gallon of SEBS for every 100000 gallons of wastewater than follow up with flocculent applications. (See product data for proper dosage).

NOTE: Check water sample after each applications follow steps one and two for better results until desire level reach for proper discharge.

Do Not Aerate After flocculants treatment; let set 48 hrs before discharging water.