1. What are the active ingredients?

A. 100% bacteria cultures.

2. Is the product dry or liquid?

A. SEBS comes in dry and liquid form, though it typically is in the form of liquid.

3. How many strains of bacteria does the product have?

A. SEBS has over 24 specialty-selected strains. SEBS culture contains more strains of selected bacteria at higher concentrations than any other powder or liquid products on the market today.

4. What is the product plate count?

A. Over 5 billion per mL.

5. Do SEBS products’ contain surfactants or solvents?

A. No. Surfactants and solvents breakdown grease into smaller pieces and move the problem down the line; SEBS literally eats the grease.

6. What is the typical daily dosage?

A. An average of 1/2 to 1 gallon per one million gallons of water.

7. What is the daily treatment cost?

A. Less than 0.00015 cents per gallon of water.

8. How often do you have to apply it?

A. Initial and regular/maintenance dosages will vary.