SEBS is a combination of specific enzymes and bacteria packed to meet the needs of systems / operators who desire to capture and use methane, in an open or closed loop environmental chain.

BIO GAS from solid or slurry animal waste represents a significant source of cost reduction and profit expansion to those managing closed or open loop for profit Agriculture or waste product recycling business.

Many systems rely on the growth of bacteria and enzyme combinations naturally, in these systems, key factors in measuring the optimum performance is the systems Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) of the complete process. HRT is a measure in days, divided by the volume of flow through the system. HRT establishes direct correlation between the inputs solids and their conversion, to the desired output product methane.

SEBS is an additive input to the anaerobic digestive process, which should, under proper application, reduce systems HRT, while increasing the gross amount of energy recoverable by the system. SEBS also provides a more Meta stable enzyme bacteria complex than systems relying on unmatched or chance dynamics.

Because SEBS is medium specific, it’s a designer combination of live enzyme and bacteria optimized for your working medium.

The qualitative advantages of SEBS versus other process methodologies, are numerous, but include:
1. Faster Acting
2. Positive Energetic Amplitude
3. System throughput increases.
4. Leaves less waste, decreasing system maintenance.

SEBS uses a proprietary micro encapsulation technology, which places its active enzymes and bacteria in a state of suspended animation. SEBS has a shelf life of up to 1 year, which is by itself, a revolution in product effectiveness.
SEBS is an on demand, biotechnical solution.
SEBS are, Micro Encapsulated living systems suspended until needed; yet, fast acting upon introduction to its target medium.
SEBS Products are typically shipped in package sizes ranging from 5 to 55 gallon sizes; larger packaging sizes are available on request.

Target waste mediums for ADS / SEBS Solutions include: Cattle, Hogs, Dairy Cattle, Poultry, waste products.