SEBS Bacterial systems are highly dedicated to the development and manufacture of high quality environmentally friendly and responsible biotechnological products, utilizing natural resources. SEBS systems incorporate specific Technology to solve numerous industrial, commercial, and institutional problems, which result from organic waste.

SEBS Hi Tech Culture will not harm Humans, Animals, Fish, or Plant. SEBS 100% alive bacteria will reduce Organic waste, Eliminates Odors, reduce Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate and Hydrogen sulfide, without creating any by products.

SEBS products are use today in variety of waste treatment applications.

SEBS strain contain a synergized multiple blend of selectively cultured Bacillus and Psudomonas organisms, all of which have been stabilized in concentrated state using micro encapsulation process. SEBS culture will not interfere with present bacteria in the waste water system. SEBS powerful cultures takes over present bacteria in the system with empowering strength and accelerate degradation process without harming present bacteria.

In addition to performance, E.S.T. Selects only those organisms that are known to be safe and non pathogenic, E.S.T. avoids potential secondary pathogens and any other strains that could potentially jeopardize the safety and availability of our bio-product line SEBS.

The DNA that enables the microbes to attain such high performance is found on ring-like structures called plasmids. Plasmid DNA dose not code for normal cell functions, but is “turned off” most of the time. When activator (Protein and Folic Acid Balance Food) is introduced, the plasmid DNA is activated, and only after that the process will begin.