Surface scum, sludge build up and malodors are common problems occurring in golf course and theme park ponds. Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates occurring in these ponds, act as a food source for algae. Algae ridden ponds have traditionally been treated with algaecides such as copper sulfate and diquat. These methods of treatment are toxic to the system and require a permit and an applicators license for use. They also upset the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Culture Series/Solution:

E.S.T. products, utilizing specific enzyme bacterial systems contains multiple bacterial strains, added buffers and enzymes, synergistically blended to digest nitrogen and phosphorous, thus depriving algae also consumes and eliminate organic wastes from animals, fish, or plants, thus controlling surface scum, TSS (Total Suspended Solids), sludge build-up, and malodors.

User Market:

Golf courses, theme parks, and other sites with pond problems associated with algae growth, surface scum, TSS (Total Suspended Solids), and malodors.


*Non-Voc. *Instant Odor control

*Non-Toxic *Digests and Liquefies waste plus

*Batch Certified *Immediate Malodor Neutralization

*Non-Corrosive *Reduces BOD and COD

*Non-Pathogenic *USDA Authorized

*100% Alive Bacteria

*Super Activator for Quick Action

*Contains a blend of eight bacterial strains, buffers, enzymes and nutrients

*Aerobic and Anaerobic strains with their enzyme systems


*Controls malodors

*Requires No permits for use

*Improves overall water clarity

*Ensures a balanced ecosystem

*Requires NO applicators License

*Eliminates algae and “surface scum” from ponds

*Completely safe for humans, animals, fish, birds, plants, and the environment

*Provides an environmentally positive replacement to traditional algaecide treatments

*Reduces sludge build-up and TSS (Total Suspended Solids) resulting from animal, fish and plant wastes

Culture Series/Features:

Specific Enzyme Bacterial System

*Used in applications with heavy deposits of organic wastes

*Wide range of degradation capabilities

*Highly concentrated bacterial count

*Works with PH Range from – 4 to 14.

*Not sensitive to wide temperature variations

*Reduces Nitrate and Nitrites

Direction for Use/Application:

1 Acre Foot =325,000 gallons

Initial Treatment:

Apply 3 gal of SEBS per acre foot of water. If your algae season exceeds a 6-month frame, apply another initial treatment.

Maintenance Dosage:

Apply 1 gal of SEBS per Acre-foot of water every week. Because this is a preventative maintenance program, make sure NOT to exceed 2 weeks between maintenance dosages.