PRODUCT: Carbon wash laundry detergent is designed for carbon clothing.

UNIQUE FEATURES: Made with Nano Technology for maximum cleaning power, removes odor, cleans and unclogs, Microscopic pores of carbon molecules and exterior fabric, color safe removes dirt and bonded soil.  Safe for all types of fabric and maximum odor absorption, can be used with hot or cold water.

This product contains proprietary ingredients blended with Nano Zyme bacteria complex, which removes and eliminates odor much faster than common detergent products.

DIRECTIONS: Use one ounce of this laundry detergent per each carbon garment.

FOR DRYER: Do not use any type of fabric softener that can clog carbon molecules and reduce the effect of odor absorptions.

Note: Do not mix regular laundry garments with carbon clothing in washer or dryer.  Clean them separately.