Float-Solv is designed to quickly dissolve heavy grease, fat and scum accumulations in a lift station, trickling filters and wet wells. This technologically advanced blend of natural solvents dissolves the toughest build-ups quickly and remains in lift station as floating degreaser on water surface for extended degreaser action.

This all natural degreasing formula can be used with complete assurance that no petroleum solvents are entering the water system. The pleasant fragrance is not perfume, but actual odor absorbing power to keep noxious sewer and lift station odors to a minimum. This product will not disrupt bacterial action in any treatment process. Float-Solv is economical to use because it works for along time and needs little for routine usage.


  • Keep pumping stations, sewer lines and digesters free of grease and scum
  • Increases plant capacity through greater efficiency
  • Eliminates scrubbing and scraping the walls of lift station and wet wells
  • Removes grease and scum from the rocks in trickling filter and thus reduces the time and cost of plant clean up.
  • Lowers foam level
  • Harmless to B.O.D.

Directions for use: Since each application is different, the directions are general and should be used as a guide line.

Lift Stations: Add 10 to 15 gallons of Float-Solv to adequately float on the water in the lift station thus, providing continuous cleaning action. Check lifts station periodically to determine if additional Float-Solv is necessary.

Wet Wells: Drip Float-Solv directly into wet well.

Sewer Lines: Add Float-Solv through manholes.