Wood Pro-Wood Sealer is a liquid (with 2% zinc nepthanate) penetrating sealer and wood preserver for all types of wood surfaces. It protects against moisture, weathering, and premature aging. Wood Pro-Wood Sealer is composed of organofunctional silane and siloxane, blended with suitable petroleum hydrocarbons and natural wood preserving oil.


Wood Pro-Wood Sealer is designed for old as well as new wood surfaces, such as white pine wood, C.C.A. treated wood, redwood, cedar wood, etc. For application, use a roller brush or a low-pressure sprayer; apply evenly.
For New Wood: Before application, lightly sand the wood surface with a fine grit sand paper to remove any factory coating or resin. This will open up clogged wood pores and allow maximum penetration. 1 gallon of sealer will cover approximately 75 to 125 square feet.
For Old Wood: Use wood bleach or wood cleaner to clean the wood surface before applying the sealer. Dry wood will soak up the sealer very quickly; apply a second coat for complete, proper penetration. Using 1 gallon of sealer will cover approximately 50 to 100 square feet for older wood.


Do not dilute or alter the product. Use in a well ventilated area only. Wear rubber gloves, chemical goggles, and other protective clothing. Protect all surroundings, such as grass shrubs, trees, glass, and other non-wood surfaces from over spray. Do not use below 40° F. This product is combustible; keep the product away from heat and/or areas where sparks are possible. If skin contact occurs, rinse off with soap and water.

If eye contact occurs, flush eye(s) with plenty of water; see a physician. If ingestion occurs, do not induce vomiting; see a physician.


EST, Inc. has no control over the storage, handling, or use of this product. The guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only.