Therma-Seal pipe coating is a unique combination of high performance aliphatic urethanes, Nano elastomeric acrylics, standard acrylics and resin additives in a water based formula. No co-solvents are present and will dry by evaporation. Due to the unique combination of acrylics and urethanes, cures out completely in 8 hours to an extremely tough, durable, non-yellowing, water resistant coating that also provides flexibility, waterproofing and UV stability. Therma Seal pipe coating is built to meet the requirements of industrial uses, which required a tough surface, and provide flexibility against stresses of contraction and expansion. Also, unlike all other “reflective” coatings on the market, which offer only a single reflective, to provide heat reflection, Therma-Seal pipe coating is designed with unique Nano compounds for insulation from radiant heat, reflection, conduction and convection. Two ceramic compounds are primarily to repel radiation and offer reflective abilities.

  • Stops 92% heat and / or cold conduction by Nano sphere technology.
  • Therma-Seal pipe coating is designed specifically for stopping infrared radiated heat. This coating blocks 99.5% of Infrared Radiation (long wave) to control the heat gain or loss.
  • Resist ultraviolet light, water, Acid rain heat, cold and fire.
  • Provide excellent moisture barrier.


  • Apply directly to hot or warm surfaces to immediately reduce the surface temperature.
  • Add build coats as needed to reduce the temperature to the desired level.
  • Easy to apply. Overcomes downfalls of conventional pipe wrapping.
  • Direct-to-metal coating on properly prepared steel.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • Does not absorb moisture or lose insulation value, like fiberglass.
  • Long-term cost effectiveness.
  • Protects pipe against corrosion and rust


  • Reduction of external temperature of hot surfaces as an aid to worker safety. (Canadian code for hot surfaces = 70°C)
  • Reduction of heat loses and resulting energy savings.
  • Reduction of condensation in situations with large temperature differences.

Preparation: Surface must be clean and completely dry, with no loose debris or particles, rust, dirt, oil, films or residues of any kind. HOT PIPE COATING will cover previous coatings, provided they are fully adhered to the surface. Mechanically stir, as component will tend to settle. Use water to make coating thinner for spray application.


  • Do not use for underwater applications.
  • Therma-Seal Pipe Coating is off white in color and rough in texture, and can be tinted or colored after coating is cured.
  • Not recommended to use as floor coating

Note: Clean all handling equipment with hot water and soap. Keep container closed when not in use.