Settle Down is designed nature of this material makes it suitable for used under a wide variety of conditions.  However before using with other chemicals it should be tested for compatibility.  Each plant operator through jars testing.  Should determine the proper dilutions and quantities for use within your own plant.

This product gives best results when applied as a dilute solution.  Therefore it is recommended that a minimum 1:54 dilution be used.  FOR EXAMPLE:  One gallon of this product should be blended with at least 54 gallon of water in a 55 gallon drum or holding tank prior to use.

Always add the dilute solution of this product in such manner as to provide maximum distribution of the product, e.g. spray over a wide area of inject into the line at different points, or drip in slowly into the system.  Such dispersed addition speeds the action of the treatment.

Quantity of water to be treated. Suggested Dosage Range
Gals Of 1:54 Dilution Of Concentrate
500 1qts   –     2gals 1/2oz   – 5oz
1,000 2qts   –     4gals 1oz      – 10oz
10,000 4gals   –    41gals 10oz    – 3qts
100,000 41gals    –  110gals 3qts     – 2gals
1,000.000 110gals  –   275gals 2gals   – 5gals

Add diluted solution after the primary coagulants, preferable in the flocculator agitation section to assure maximum solids contact.

Feed the diluted solution into the slurry stream entering the thickener in a manner that will provide maximum distribution such as through a header extending across the width of the inlet trough with 3/16” orifices at 4”-6” intervals.
Avoid severe agitation after the solution has been added