Removes rust from all metal surfaces, fiberglass surfaces, masonry surfaces and concrete surfaces. Biodegradable and does not contain animal fat or solvents. Rinses free of residue.

Blends of organic acids and detergents.

Apply on hard surfaces with paintbrush or roller, where rust stains and loose rust are present. Wait 3 to 5 minutes then wash surface with water. Repeat application if necessary till rust stains are removed.
For hard to remove stains: Pre-wet surface with water before applying stain remover, wait 3-5 minutes then scrub with nylon brush and follow up with high- pressure rinse. Repeat the same application if necessary till rust stain is removed. Use plenty of water to rinse surface thoroughly. Do not let rinse water puddle on near by clean surface. Keep surface wet, and rinse water away from clean areas.
When cleaning polished surfaces: Test panel is recommended when cleaning polished, glazed and smooth surfaces. Prolong use of this product can remove shine and glaze from the surface. Always test small area first to determine cleaning time, result and effectiveness of this product.

Protect all non-cleaning surfaces and surrounding areas from over spray when cleaning and rinsing.

Always store product in its original container. Neutralize spills with baking soda solutions, and rinse with plenty of water. Clean all tools and handling equipments with baking soda solution and water. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection when handling this product.

If eye contact flush eyes with plenty of water. If skin contact, wash with soap and water and apply petroleum jelly. If indigested do not induce vomiting. Call physician and get medical help.

Keep out of reach of children