Rapid Restorer is design for daily maintenance of the 109 NG floor coating. This product is design to clean the surface without stripping and harming the coating. It removes the hill marks; fill in minor scratches and surface scuff marks. It restorers the finish to it’s original stage.

How It Works:Rapid restore works by slightly softening the top- coat (upper layer) for about 2 to 3 minutes. This gives enough time to clean and restore the scuffmarks and surface scratches. Once the floor dries the surface coat will regain its original film hardness. Will not interfere with the gloss.

How To Dilute:Dilute this product with warm water before using. For light duty cleaning, dilute 4fl-oz to 8fl-oz per 1/ gal of warm water. For Heavy duty cleaning, dilute 10floz to 16floz per gal of warm water.

How To Apply: Apply this product with clean mop or micro fiber pads. Wait 30 to 60 second than use slow speed burnisher with white pad. Floor should stay wet when burnishing. Burnish till floor begins to looks clean and dry. Do not puddle the floor with this product. If paddling occurs on the floor, pick up excess residue with different mop and a bucket. Do not mix dirty solution with clean solution. If moping solution get dirty, make a new solution and use new or clean mop for applications.

For Daily cleaning:  Use Neutral cleaner for daily cleaning and moping. Use Rapid Restore for deep cleaning, repair scratches.

Keep out of reach of children. Keep from freezing. Do not mix this product with floor finish or any type of cleaning products.