Quick Plug seals holes and cracks on masonry and concrete surfaces; it hardens in minutes, plugging areas where water may enter under pressure.

Quick Plug is excellent for anchoring bolts in floors, patching concrete floors, concrete watering troughs, sewage plants, elevator pits, swimming pools, and storage tanks.


Clean all cracks and breaks thoroughly by wire brushing, or other suitable means. Rout out small cracks with a sharp instrument to a size, which will make it easy to get Quick Plug well into. If the place to be patched is not leaking actively, wet the area thoroughly before patching.

Mix Quick Plug with tap water, creating a very heavy putty-like consistency. If too much water is used, the material will not be destroyed, but will not set fast.

Work the putty like mixture well into the crack or hole with a putty knife, filling the crack or hole until it is level with the surrounding area.


Work Quick Plug in hands, like dough, until it warms and begins to set. Then force it into the opening to be patched and hold the putty in place with a hand until it is hard.


This product is an eye and skin irritant. Quick Plug is alkaline on contact with water. Use a paddle for mixing to avoid splashing into eyes or contact with skin. In case of such contact, flood eyes thoroughly with water and call a physician. Wash thoroughly after handling and before smoking or eating. Do not take internally.


Note: Quick Plug hardens in minutes; mix only enough for immediate use.