Prime Prep coat is designed for all types of boat bottoms and sides (fiberglass and metal), ATV bodies, jet skies, and water skies. (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOOD BOATS. Please contact your local EST, Inc. representative for more information about treating wood boats.)


– Deep penetrating.
– Forms a permanent barrier.
– Fills in all pours on a surface.

Step 1: Before applying the Prime Prep Coat product, use Heavy Duty Fiberglass Cleaner to clean the surface. This will remove barnacles and stains, and open the pours to allow Prime Prep Coat to penetrate the surface and adhere to the surface.
Note: Please consult the information on the Heavy Duty fiberglass Cleaner container before using it.
Step 2: Apply the Prime Prep Coat with a brush, roller, or spray; the surface should be clean and dry prior to application. If the surface is very porous, apply as many coats as necessary until the surface become saturated with the Prime Prep Coat; flood the surface with the product when applying. Allow 8 to 10 hours for the coating to penetrate and cure. If the surface remains wet after 10 hours, wipe off the excess with a dry towel and buff gently with a polishing pad until the surface becomes dry and smooth.
Step 3: Apply Micro Shine with a spray; wipe off with a cotton towel. Apply 3 coats, if needed. Polish the surface until it becomes slick and shiny.

CAUTION: Wash all equipment with soap and water. If swallowed, seek medical attention. If eye contact occurs, flush the eye(s) with water for 10 minutes. If skin contact occurs, wash the skin with warm water and soap.