Before mixing all tools and mixer should be clean with warm water & soap.

1. Take 41/2 gal warm water in clean 5gal plastic bucket.  Pre measure 2lb, poster paste (dry) in a small container.

2. Use slow paddle mixer to mix, add dry paste slowly while mixing.

3. Mix for 10 to 12 minutes.

3. Let it set for 2 hours than ass 8oz or one pint of stop flay to 5gal, premix paste and mix well. This will make paste sticky.

4. Add Antifreeze – Antispoilag (red) additive to the mix, See chart for adding proper amount to the paste.

Note: Five-gallon ready mix paste use minimum 5 fl oz or maximum 25floz per 5-gallon paste.

After mixing paste clean all mixing equipment and tools with warm water & soap. Pre mix paste will last for one week. Keep container close when not in use.

Apply paste to the poster first and store poster in close container. This will help paste from braking down.

Before hanging poster, scrape off old poster and remove any loose or hanging papers.If any mold or fungus appears on board, use bleach and water to clean. See charts and label for further details.