NO VAPOR-FIRE FOAMis a fire retardant foam or fire suppression foam design to cool the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, resulting in suppression of the fire of the combustion. This product is based on a synthetic foam chemistry provide better flow, and faster knock down of flames, and it is safe for the environment and non- pollutant.

Feature: No Vapor Fire Foam is ideal for use in class-A and class-B solvents and hydrocarbons fires. Typical application includes municipal fire departments, hydrocarbon and polar solvent storage tank protection, process areas, warehousing, power stations, marine terminals, and offshore platform protection.

Applicators: No-Vapor Fire Foam can be used with non-aspirating discharge devices such as spray nozzles, monitors, and conventional sprinklers for effective use on class ‘ A’ and shallow spill fires. However non- aspirated application is not recommended as the primary method of attack for major fires where a stable foam cover is essential.

Physical properties:

Appearance———————————————-Light brown free- flowing liquid

Specific Gravity——————————————————————–1.15-1.17

Ph @ 68*F (20*C)—————————————————————–7.1 to 8.5

Viscosity @ 68*F (20*C)————————————————————–18 cs

Viscosity @ 32*F (0*C)—————————————————————-47 cs

Viscosity @ 14*F (-10*C)————————————————————105 cs

Maximum usable temperature————————————————-120*F (49C)

Minimum usable temperature—————————————————-0*F (-18C)

Freeze point————————————————————————2*F (-19C)

Effect of freeze/Thaw————————————————–No performance loss

Storage:  This product above 40*f temperature for extended shelf life. Store in its original container for safety and spillage.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Wear personal protection like rubber gloves and eye goggles for accidental contact. May require slip resistant shoes or rubber boots to prevent fall and injuries. For accidental eye contact, rinse eyes with cold water for ten minutes. For skin contact, rinse effected areas with cold water. If dryness occurs apply petroleum jelly or lotion. If redness or allergic reaction occurs see physician. If digested, do not induce vomiting. Drink cold water and see physician.

Packaging; / 55/gal and 275/gal plastic containers. Shipping point FOB Kansas City