Ferrous Metal Safe Cleaner and Phosphatizer and Dip Application Iron Phosphatizing Coating

Product Description:
Intercoat 1600F is a highly concentrated Nano enhanced, liquid solution specifically designed to clean and phosphatize ferrous metals in dip applications prior to painting and powder coating.

Performance Features:
• Contains NO Sodium Molybdate

• Forms a (Purple/Deep Blue) Stable, passivation Inert Coating on Ferrous Metal Surfaces

• Provides Excellent Paint Adhesion Results

• Produced Optimum ASTM Test Results

• Forms a Smooth, Dense, Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating

Physical Specifications:

Physical   State Liquid
Appearance Light   Yellow
pH   (Use Dilution) 4.0-4.3
Color Amber   Yellow
Odor None   to slight acidic
Room   Temperature Fume None
At   120° to 220°F Fume Light   Fume
Boiling   Point 212°F
Flash   Point None
Weight 8.8   lbs per gal
Specific   gravity 1.09
Shelf   Life 1   year


Equipment Requirements:
Intercoat –1600F is safe to use with all stainless steel, fiberglass and PVC base handling equipment.

Packaging Information:
Packaging Size is available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275& 330-gallon totes.

Iron Phosphatizing With Dip Application:
All Ferrous Metal surface has to be cleaned from grease and possible oxidations prior to phosphating. If there is too much rust in the surface, acid pickling must be employed. Metal work pieces coming out of acid pickling bath must be rinsed with water properly to prevent drifting of acidity. Balance of the phosphatizing bath can be broken up if excessive drifting comes from pickling bath. Concentration of the coating bath (Dip) is controlled by adding additional solution of Intercoat-1600F per as needed basis. Even though all phosphatizing products have characteristic Total Acid values, it should generally remain between pH 4-5 in points.

Dipping Process:
Immersionbath solution of Intercoat-1600F must work around 50-55°C with application time between 7-10 minutes. Concentration varies 3% to 5 % in the course of time. pH and Total Acid point of the coating composition has to be controlled. Generally pH tends to increase. To prevent high pH, pH reducer must be added to phosphating bath until reaching to optimum level. Build-up of iron phosphate coating: 50 to 60 mg./sq.ft.

Important Parameters for Optimum phosphatizing:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Concentration
  • Application time

Control and Replenishment Procedure:

1. Pipet 25 ml of sample of Intercoat-1600F

2. Add 5 drops of phenolphthalein indicator.

3. Titrate with 1.0N sodium hydroxide solution drop by drop until the solution turns from colorless to pink.

4. Record number of drops of 1.0N sodium hydroxide. Calculation % by volume of Intercoat-1600F = number of drops of 1.0N NaOH x 0.32.

Waste Treatment:
Individual users should verify the nature of spent solutions to assure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Contact EST Inc for specific details and/or further waste treatment recommendations.

General Waste Disposal Method:
Bring a pH of dip solution between 7.5-8.5 before discharging. Filter out any large particles and collect them for proper disposal, based on local city and state regulations.

Safety and Handling:
Read and understand this products MSDS before handling.