Professional Golf Ball Cleaner is made with latest NANO SHIELD technology. It is in full compliance with California VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) rules and regulations. This product is listed  as a “green” product; it does not contain any harmful chemicals. This product is ozone safe and it does not contain any hydrocarbons, acids, phosphates, or animal fat.


      • Reduce Friction
      • Improves distance up to 30 yards.
      • Maintains direction in up to 40 mph wind.
      • Keeps ball clean for extended use.
      • Reduces grass and soil stains
      • Surface becomes more moisture resistant

*This product does not change the dimension, weight, or color of the golf ball and can be applied to the shaft of the club as well.

HOW TO USE: Spray directly on to the surface of the ball than wipe off with clean cotton cloth.  Apply three times on new balls; there after apply once before the game.  Can be used on shaft of a putter to reduce wind drag during swinging.

Caution: Store at room temperature. Do not take internally. This product is harmful if swallowed. Over spray should be cleaned with soap and water; over spray will make the floor/surfaces slippery. Avoid eye and skin contact.