Anti-Fungus Spray Concentrate
Anti-Fungus Spray is designed to clean and prevent mold and mildew. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant.

Anti-Static Spray
Anti-Static Spray is used to eliminate static on electronics.

Bacteria Based Cleaner and Deodorizer Concentrate
Bacteria Based Cleaner and Deodorizer are designed for cleaning restroom floors and fixtures. This product comes in lemon fragrance; other fragrances are available, i.e., orange and cherry.

Bare Skin Hair Remover Concentrate
Bare Skin Hair Remover Concentrate is a highly concentrated product for removing hair on pigs, goats, deer, sheep, etc.; it opens the follicles and penetrates scurf for easy removal of hair. It is highly effective in hard water and is environmentally friendly.

Clean Quest – 3000 With Enzyme-C3
To clean mold, mildew and fungus from Dry wall, Masonry wall, Floors, Wood and may solid surfaces.

D-Nitrox is designed to use in septic tanks, sewer line and underground water supply lines to dissolve roots and control vegetation growth. 

Easy Lube- Gel
Easy Lube is a smooth Gel designed for wet or dry pipe and wet or dry gasket, for smooth and easy application.

EST Lube Cool
Is A Biodegradable, heavy-duty, water-soluble lubricant for cutting and grinding fluid.

Fabric Pre-spotter With Enzymes
Fabric Pre Spotter is design to use on all types of fabrics, like clothes carpets, drapes, garments, uniforms and many synthetic fibers.

Fire Guard 2000
Fire Guard 2000 is design to stop or slow down fires from spreading. 

Flame Retardant for Fabric (F-3000)
Flame Retardant (F-3000) is designed to be use on fabric drapes, carpet, canvas, tents, and all cloth type fabric materials; it can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, etc. It retards flames during a fire and keeps the fire from spreading quickly.

High Foam Root Treatment
High Foam Root Treatment has been specifically designed to be used as a sewer line and drain line maintainer; its unique formula keeps the line(s) clean from organic debris.

Hydro Bond- Poster Paste
Hydro Bond Poster paste is designed to use with paper poster signs. 

Intercoat-1600F Intercoat 1600F is a highly concentrated Nano enhanced, liquid solution specifically designed to clean and phosphatize ferrous metals in dip applications prior to painting and powder coating.

Jel Strip-600

Liquid Hog Scald
Liquid Hog Scald is a highly concentrated product for the scalding vat.  It is highly effective in hard water, and opens follicles to release hair, also penetrates scurf for easy hair removal without damaging skin.

Liquid Ice Melt

Keeps ice from forming and snow from sticking for hours. Melts ice and snow chemically without heat. Does not contain ethylene glycol, which is poisonous to animals.

Liquid Laundry Soap & Laundry Spot Remover With Sprayer

Mold Release MR 1210
MR-1210 Concrete Form Release Agent is a natural oil-based product, which provides quick easy and clean release of concrete forms.

Mold Release MR-3000
MR-3000 Concrete Form Release Agent is a natural oil-based product, enchansed with micron lube technology, which provides quick easy and clean release of concrete forms.

Mosquito Eliminator Concentrate
Mosquito Eliminator is designed for floodwater, small puddles, open sewer canals, roadside ditches, and stagnant water. Mosquito Eliminator is not recommended for use on or near drinking water wells, streams, rivers, fishing ponds, or where people and/or animals use water for drinking and/or for personal use.

Non-Caustic Cleaner
EST Non-Caustic cleaner will clean without the dangerous properties of Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, and other caustic cleaners.

No Vapor Fire Foam
NO VAPOR-FIRE FOAM is a fire retardant foam or fire suppression foam designed to cool the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, resulting in suppression of the fire of the combustion. 

Odor Control Liquid
Public restrooms, urinals, truck stops, hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters, pet motels and etc. It eliminates urine odor instantly, from any hard surfaces.

Odor Eliminator H-100
Odor Eliminator H-100 is design to control odor for fire and flood damaged areas.

Odor-X-Terminator Concentrate
Odor-X-Terminator is an enzyme based odor control and cleaning product; it has a pleasant fragrance and disinfects as well. It is excellent for basements with mold, pet odors, urine stains/odors on carpet and hard floors – such as wood or tile – vomit odor, milk odor, and sewage odor. 

Omni Lift Concentrate: Iohexol Nonionic Radio Graphic Contrast Remover
Omni Lift separates and liquefies. Omni Lift is designed to extract moisture from the air and deposit it back into the bond breaking process; this process will go on for 30 to 50 minutes. 95% of the bond breaking reaction will occur in the first 3 to 5 minutes. This will keep Iodine and Iohexol molecules from reuniting.

Phosphatizer-1290 is specially designed for simultaneous cleaning, for removing smut and phospating of steel and certain zinc and aluminum casting prior to painting. Light Oxides from Aluminum prior to conversion coating.

Pool Clear-Pool Zyme
Pool Clear-Pool Zyme is a natural Fydo enzyme based formula design to prevent scum buildup and black water line rings.

Poster Paste Mixing Instructions

Prime Prep Coat for Boat Bottoms
Prime Prep Coat is designed for all types of boat bottoms and sides (fiberglass and metal), ATV bodies, jet skies, and water skies.

Professional Golf Ball Cleaner
Professional Golf Ball Cleaner is made with nano technology. It does not contain any hydrocarbons, acids, phosphates, or animal fat.

Quick Plug
Quick Plug seals holes and cracks on masonry and concrete surfaces; it hardens in minutes, plugging areas where water may enter under pressure.
Quick Plug is excellent for anchoring bolts in floors, patching concrete floors, concrete watering troughs, sewage plants, elevator pits, swimming pools, and storage tanks.

Quick Shine

Rapid Restore For Floor Finish
Rapid Restore is designed for daily maintenance of the 109 NG floor coating. This product is designed to clean the surface without stripping and harming the coating.

Rust Converter
Rust Converter rust treatment is a new development in destroying old rust on metal surfaces and preventing new rust from forming on metal surfaces. It is water based and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant. Rust Converter is excellent for machine shops, industry, farm equipment, institutional equipment, any surface with rust, waste treatment plants, City and County garages, construction equipment, hospitals, and the home.

Rust Off Gel
Removes rust from all metal surfaces, fiberglass surfaces, masonry surfaces and concrete surfaces.

Safe-T-Solve is a specially formulated product designed to remove all types of adhesives, paint, magic marker, lipstick, and scotch tape – light type coatings.

Safe-T-Strip is a biodegradable V.O.C. compliance Non Solvent base paint stripper and cleaner.  It is designed to remove adhesives, oil, grease, enamel and latex based paint, and lubricants and other petroleum based coatings and residues.

Settle Down
Settle Down is designed nature of this material makes it suitable for used under a wide variety of conditions. 

Silane for Wood
Silane for Wood is a liquid penetrating sealer for all kinds of wood surfaces. 

Snow Plow Release Wax
A protective coating resulting in a thin siliconized finish outlasting ordinary release agents. It is capable of reducing friction and piling of elements such as snow, dirt, sand, slush, cement, or asphalt.

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

Synacid-300 Nano Enhanced
Synacid-300 is the only world Nano Enhanced Synthetic acid with cleaning properties that out performed traditional acids like Muriatic acid without any of the harmful effects.

Therma-Seal Pipe Coating
Therma-Seal pipe coating is a unique combination of high performance aliphatic urethane, Nano elastomeric acrylics, standard acrylics and resin additives in a water based formula.

Universal Boiler Water Treatment – 450
UBWT-450 is an All-in-One All-Polymer internal treatment product. 

Urine-Zyme cleans and eliminates odors. Urine-Zyme is a special ready-to-use blend of bacterial enzymes for neutralizing urine, eliminating odor, and removing problem stains (it’s a powerful detergent); a 3-in-1 solution.

Wood Pro-Wood Sealer
Wood Pro-Wood Sealer is a liquid (with 2% zinc nephthanate) penetrating sealer and wood preserver for all types of wood surfaces. It protects against moisture, weathering, and premature aging. Wood Pro-Wood Sealer is composed of organofunctional silane and siloxane, blended with suitable petroleum hydrocarbons and natural wood preserving oil.