Safe and Effective with hair shampoo combine with Nano technology
Now you can Remove Lice; Eggs & Nits using a Non-Toxic and Pesticide free Shampoo! Just shampoo and then comb out all the Lice, Eggs and Nits. Our special shampoo helps loosen Lice and Eggs grip on your hair and it is design to remove Eggs and Nits through combing.

For Lotion and Shampoo
Neem Oil is mild, nourishing, and naturally rich in fatty acids. It has been known to help relieve dry, itchy skin and scalp and serves as a wonderful addition to moisturizing creams; lotions, shampoos & conditioners and body wash formulas.

Mouth Spray
Neem is revered by Ayurvedic practitioners to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Used for centuries, Neem soothes and nourishes, leaving even the most sensitive mouth feeling healthy, clean and refreshed. Commonly known in India as the “Village Pharmacy,” Neem twigs are frequently used to clean teeth. Modern science has since validated the traditional uses of Neem for oral care.

Insect Control
Neem works as an effective insecticide against wool moths, ants, termites, fleas and sand fleas, as well as fruit flies, flying mosquitoes and their larvae. It is considered completely non-toxic to humans, pets and livestock. EST INC utilizes Neem oil extracts for mosquitoes and flying insect repellents for outdoor spray applications. It is also very safe for plants and shrubs to repel flying insects.

All above products can be made with or without fragrance. Can be made in to a liquid, gel or cream based for it’s unique applications.

  • Great fresh smell
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Pesticides
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Made with natural Neem oil extract from India
  • Full VOC. Compliance