Rapid Restore Wet Buff N Shine

Used once a week, this product will greatly multiply the beauty and the longevity of emulsion floor finish.


  • Delays Recoating
  • Renews High Shine and Non-slip Finishes
  • Floors always look newly finished
  • Highest Shine
  • Eliminates all possibility of powdering
  • Minimizes Scuffing
  • No Yellowing
  • Full VOC Compliance

Shake well before using.
Remove debris with dust mop. If floor shows heavy locked down dirt, dampen mop with mild detergent and water.
Lightly mist a 10×20 area with product spraying evenly, and then force buff dry while the product is still wet on the surface. This product is designed to be used while wet. Move machine from left to right.
When pad becomes dirty, the pad can be rinsed and reused.
Floor can be used immediately.