This product removes grease, oil, creosote, carbon, ink, dye, wax, and other stubborn soils; it works immediately, absorbing, emulsifying, and floating the soil away. It also helps prolong the life of surfaces and equipment.


Deep Cleans: It contains a deep penetrating emulsifier that penetrates and floats away even the most stubborn grease and soils.
Water Soluble (Powerful): Mixes with water for fast, safe, cleaning action; may be diluted in a 1 to 15 ratio of concentrate to water.
100% Fireproof: Will not burn or support combustion; it does not give off dangerous toxic fumes and it can be used safely indoors and outdoors.
Metal Surfaces: It is safe for metal surfaces and it contains a special rust inhibitor.
Economical: May be diluted up to a 1 to 156 ratio of concentrate to water for dependable cleaning power.
Non-Toxic: Contains no carbon tetrachloride, naptha, benzene, kerosene, gasoline, or other hazardous solvents, which produce toxic fumes.
Leaves No Film: It cleans and removes residue; leaves a clean, bright surface; doesn’t leave an oily film.
Cleans Safely: Cleans all metal (including aluminum and stainless steel cooking utensils), concrete, rubber, and plastic surfaces effectively.
Versatile Cleaner: It may be used as a stripper for removing old wax; contains special rust inhibitors for cleaning metal surfaces.


Simply spray or mop onto item/surface and rinse off (excellent for use in an automatic scrubbing machine).
For Kitchen Cleaning: Oven cleaning, deep fat fryers, canopy and ducts over oven, greasy floors and wooden mats, walls, refrigerators, and lighting fixtures.
For: Airplanes, buses, and trucks, aluminum sash and doors, boats, industrial equipment for lift trucks, trucks, trailers, and machinery.
For Printers: Presses, walls, and floors; dilution will remove the most tenacious ink.
For: Pipes, motor shells and electric motors, ferrous and non-ferrous metal (use a dilution for the former mentioned), and acoustical ceilings and walls.
For Wax Stripping and Rubber Heel Marks: Use a dilution on asphalt tile, rubber, vinyl, terrazzo, and all other types of floors.
For Heavy Deposits: Allow the dilution to remain on the floor for 5 minutes, agitate with steel wool or steel sponges, and rinse freely with warm water.
For Cleaning Floors: Concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, magnesite, oxychloride, vinyl, and rubber (use a dilution with all).
For: Rubber clothing, plastic, brick, grills, air conditioning units, electric fans and motors, white wall tires, and air filters.
For Schools: Gymnasiums, lockers, steel files, showers, and swimming pools.
For: Conveyors, engines, exhaust stains, machinery, metal stock, and welding equipment (use a dilution for the former mentioned). For painted walls, glass fixtures, skylights, windows, and ceramic surfaces, use a 1 to 40 ratio of concentrate to water – never stronger – and rinse immediately.