Super concentrated, high alkaline, butyl-based liquid degreaser. A perfectly balanced cleaner. Phosphate and salt free.

Superior detergency, superior solvency. Quickly removes heavy accumulations of grease, oil, and dirt. Not harmful to fine machine parts.
Reduces cleaning time; Makes tough cleaning jobs easier. Works with hot, warm, or cold water temperature.

Safe for most hard surfaces for interior and exterior cleaning.

Highly concentrated-1 part AD2000 with 60 parts water is still an effective cleaner for steam cleaning, floor scrubbing, and light spray cleaning.
Completely water-soluble. Rinses quickly. No phosphates. Non-flammable. and V.O.C. compliance

Physical Form          Clear liquid
Color                        Yellow
Scent                       Very low to no odor
Specific Gravity        1.070
Density                    8.90 lbs. per gallon
Foam Test                 Initial—115mm
2% Solution               5 minutes—70mm
pH 2%                       11.4
Active Alkalinity       3.67%
Total Alkalinity         3.83%
Total Solids                 15%
Total Activity            25.58%

Easy to use— apply by spraying, wiping, brushing, dipping, or soaking. Versatile. Very easy to dilute and rinse.
1 part AD2000 to 4 parts water: motors, machinery, trucks, whitewall tires, concrete, ovens, hoods, and fans.
1 part AD2000 to 10 parts water: walls, floors, cabinets, appliances, boats, carpet and upholstery spotting, vinyl, leatherette, woodwork, porcelain, plastic, ceramic, and painted aluminum siding.
1 part AD2000 to 20 parts water: wax stripping, linoleum, tile floors, asphalt, vinyl, rubber, cork, and terrazzo.
1 part AD2000 to 60 parts water: steam cleaning, floor scrubbing, and pressure washing.

Can be used most hard surfaces that can be washed with water. If in doubt, try on a small, inconspicuous spot to determine proper dilution rate before proceeding. DO NOT USE ON GLASS. Cover all non cleaning surfaces with plastic drop cloth from overspray . For incidental contact on surface like glass and surroundings, use vinegar and water to rinse off affected areas.

Shipping Weight in Pounds:
Case 4 plastic gallons———–38.1  pounds
5-Gallon Plastic Pail————–47.1  pounds
55-Gallon Drum—————–530.05 pounds