Tire seal dressing is design to restore luster, leaving deep gloss shine on all types of Automobiles tires, vinyl and leather. This product is water free, so it will not harm leather or vinyl.

Surface Preparation: For best result, surface should be clean and dry. Use in well-ventilated area or choose exterior site when applying this product. If surface is porous, more than one application is recommended for even shine. Spot test surface before each application.

Application Method: Spray-on, brush-on or wipe-on is acceptable. Each approach will change the application characteristics and finish. If dirt or grease was not removed during normal wash, than brush or wipe application is more effective.

Conditions To Avoid: Do not smoke while applying this product. Solvent fumes can be harmful, and although not flammable, under right conditions, it will burn. After application of this product in Interior of a vehicle, leave all windows open for at lest 2 hours to reduce smell and fumes.

60-15 Premium: Offers deep shine luster and durability, compares to the top quality dressing on the market.

60-10 Economy: Has limited durability as compared to 10-15-premium dressing. It compares with most quality dressing on the market.


Physical state Liquid
Odor Slight (Solvent base
Color Clear Liquid
Clear Liquid 107°F
Specific Gravity @ 25°C ~0.8
Boiling Point 300°

Storage and Handling: Tire dressing 60-10 and 60-15 are available in 5, gal, 55, gal and 1, gal jugs. Special packaging can be made upon customer request.

Keep out or reach of children. Contain petroleum solvent. Avoid splashing into eyes or contact with skin. In case of such a contact wash eyes repeatedly with water and call physician, wash hand thoroughly with soap and water after handling. If spills on the floor, absorb with clay absorbent or kitty litter, than discard. Remaining spot rinse of with soap and water.