In both discharge and closed loop lagoon and swine pit systems, heavy loadings of organic wastes result in high levels of solid, odors, crusting, calcification, and other dangerous gases like methane and hydrogen sulfide associated with these wastes.  The quantity and composition of these wastes influence the livestock and the environment as well as the overall operation of the treatment lagoons.  Pumps and lines often become blackened as well due to mineral deposits from uric salts.

Biologically enhanced lagoon treatment products, utilizing Specific Enzyme Bacterial System contain a synergized blend of Bacillus and Pseudomonas organisms, all of which have been stabilized in a concentrated state.  Each strain has been selectively adapted for accelerated degradation capabilities of waste compounds found in livestock lagoons.  Biologically enhanced products improve settling by consuming TSS (Total Suspended Solids).  They also reduce sludge build-up and controls malodor, maggots, flies, crusting, e-coli, fecal coliform, methanogen bacteria and eliminates hydrogen sulfide gas all while keeping manure value intact. Biologically enhanced products will simultaneously prevent mineral deposits resulting from uric salt build-up the pump and lines.


  • Reduce odor
  • Reduce lethal gasses
  • Reduce death loss
  • Reduce veterinarian fees
  • Reduce bottom solids
  • Reduce top crusting
  • Reduce maggots and disease carrying flies
  • Reduce mouse and rat runs
  • Reduce agitation at time of pit draw-down
  • Realize a uniform nutrient column of manure from top to bottom
  • Realize significant improvement in feed conversion and rate of gain
  • Improve neighbor relations
  • Maintains fertilizer value

SEBS for Swine Pit Treatment is used on a once a month treatment basis, based on the size of the barn and head count of pigs. As many producers either pump their pits twice per year, or pull down the pit in the spring to allow enough head room until fall; this product keeps your essential pit conditioning bacteria in balance and keeps waste loose/liquidly all year long.

+/- 1,200 head barn                 One 5 gallon bucket per month
+/- 2,400 head barn                 Two 5 gallon buckets per month
+/- 4,800 head barn                 Four 5 gallon buckets per month
*We do not recommend a +/- spread of 200 animals.

Mix one package of SEBS Activator per 5 gallon bucket and let set for 30 minutes before treating pits with the SEBS product. Mixing instructions are as noted on package.

The object of SEBS for Swine Pit Treatment is to have an equal amount of product put into each pump-out.  It is not necessary to enter the building. For best results each 5 gallons of SEBS should be equally divided between four [4] five [5] gallon pails of water, mixed thoroughly with one pail applied per pump-out [as in a 1,200 head barn with four pump-outs].  When access is not available to outside application of the pit conditioner, simply mix the same as outside application and apply down the center of the barn in equally distance spaces.

Important: All of the microbes must be in direct contact of the liquid manure, beneath any surface crust.

Best Time for Treatment:  You have a window of 30 days from the time the pit is pumped – down to the time the pit must be treated.  We do not recommend treating a pit with more than 2 1/2 feet of manure unless you shock the pit with additional SEBS in addition to the initial SEBS for Swine Pit Treatment protocol.