Synthetic Acid Replacement:


Syncacid 300 Plus breaks down calcium, lime, rust and other deposits, which, until now, required the use of harsh acids. Syncacid 300 Plus is combined with detergents and surfactants to eliminate secondary steps and to more effectively penetrate the deposit. Syncacid 300 Plus potency combined with its safety profile earns it the US Navy and Coast Guard approval. It can be used to descale lines, pipes, cooling towers, heating coils, boilers, and dehydrators and in any other system that builds up calcium deposits. Syncacid 300 Plus neutralizes instantly with fresh water. It is biodegradable per OECD 301 D and removes no trace metals from the system, making it legal to dispose of directly into a sanitary system. Syncacid 300 Plus is 100% biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-regulated by the D.O.T. and it is non-Mutagenic to marine life. We’ve taken this formulation to the next level by adding scientifically engineered Nano particles to boost the effectiveness of our formula. In essence we have put our formula on steroids. A Nano particle is one billionth of meter and helps drive the Syncacid 300 Plus deeper into the scale or deposit formation. Nano powers this formula.


Introduce Syncacid 300 Plus into the environment where the removal of mineral deposits is needed.

Dilution Ratios:

Light Buildup:               Dilute 5:1

Moderate Buildup:       Dilute 3:1

Heavy Buildup:             Dilute 1:1

Severe Buildup:             Use undiluted

Storage & Handling:

Syncacid 300 Plus has a storage life of better than one year. Keep container closed when not in use. As with all chemical products and materials, take care as to where you store them. Safety glasses are suggested for use when handling this product. No special gloves or protective equipment are required when handling this product.


Syncacid 300 Plus is packaged in 5-gallons, 55-gallon and 275-gallon containers. Bulk quantities are available upon request.

Typical Physical Properties:

Appearance and Color                 Light Yellow to Colorless Liquid

Cold Stability                                 08°F

Odor                                                Mild Soapy Odor

Solubility                                        100%

PH Neat                                           <1

Specific Gravity                               1.10

Flash Point                                      None

Boiling Point                                   210°F

Features and Benefits

Safe on Piping and Pumping Equipment

Non Toxic No Secondary Containment is required

No Disposal Restrictions


Neutralizes Easily with Water

100% Acid Free

100% Biodegradable

Dissolving Properties

Acid                                              % Dissolved

HCI                                                     8.9%

Syncacid300 Plus                            8.9%

Urea HCI                                           7.2%

Glycolic                                              0.2%

Calcium Carbonate Dissolving Properties of Acids with 3 minute Exposure

Testing Conditions: 200 Grams of 5% active solution: 1 Calcium Carbonate Cube : 3 Minutes at 70° Degrees F

Toxicity Studies

Toxicity Limits: Test Procedure OECD 202, 48 hr

LC50 and LD 50 were proven to be NON-TOXIC

Mutagenicity Limits: OECD Guidelines Sec.471 Chemicals in Syncacid 300 Plus was found NOT TO BE MUTAGENIC

Dermal Irritation & Corrosion Test

A modified Draize method was used as described in OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals Sec. 404 and complies with the requirements of OECD Principles of GLP, Annex revised as of July 1992

Syncacid 300 Plus received a Primary Irritation Score of .09+/-0.2 and is classified as a “Very Mild Skin Irritant”

Biodegradation & Aquatic Safety:

Test Procedure: Reactor Digestion method for Waste Water and Sea Water. Hach Reactor Digestion Method is a semi-micro adaptation of the Standard Methods of the Standard Methods.

Test Results Conclude Syncacid 300 Plus was found to be 100% Biodegradable

COD= Low Detectable Limits BOD= No Detectable Limits

Ecological Study: 96 hr LC50: Flathead Minnow>600 mg/l= Non Toxic: 96hr LC50: Rainbow Trout>20mg/l= Non Toxic

Metal Studies:

Dept of Transportation (DOT) Test Protocols as per Section 173.1 54 Exceptions for Class 8(corrosive materials): The material being tested must be proven to be non-constructive or not to cause irreversible alterations in human skin tissue. Testing was conducted on an albino rabbit.

Conclusion: Syncacid 300 Plus was proven to be NON-DESTRUCTIVE on human skin tissue.

Metal Test Limits: D.O.T. Classifies a material to be Corrosive if it has a corrosion rate that exceeds 6.25 mmpy on SAE C1 020 carbon steel or 7075-Y6 Aluminum.

Results of: Syncacid 300 Plus

SAE 1020 carbon steel= 0.23 mmpy

Conclusion: Syncacid 300 Plus is NON- CORROSIVE

Classifications & Approvals

D.O.T., TDG, IMO, IATA, IMDG, SARA 313 311/312, California Prop 65 NON- Regulated

USDA Authorization

A1, A2, A3, A4, A7, A8, C2, G6 & G7

FDA- Approved as Safe (GRAS): (CGMP) CFR 184,1923

Navsea, US COAST GUARD, NOAA, HRSD for direct disposal into VA Sewer System