Designed for Oil Field Industries

Syncacid is a user-friendly Muriatic acid* which combines a buffer with hydrochloric acid, making the acid easier to use.  This product offers the advantages of powerful acids while significantly improving the overall health and safety risk profile.

• Significantly reduce toxic and corrosive fumes.
• Won’t burn intact skin.
• Syncacid is as effective upon oxides of metal when compared to standard Muriatic  acid.
• Clean, clarify, and etch like full strength 20° Baume, 31.45% Muriatic acid.
• With reduced fuming inhibited with anti-corrosion buffer to minimize corrosion to metal structures including storage areas, pool equipment, and filtration systems.


Pool and Spa:Adjusts pool and spa water chemistry.  Apply Syncacid as an acid wash to remove rust, scale, mineral deposits, and stains from glass, tile, and porcelain surfaces in showers, locker rooms, and restrooms.
Concrete and Masonry: Use to etch concrete in preparation for painting.  Cleans exterior brick and concrete surfaces.  Removes excess mortar from brick.  Cleans stone and grout.  Brightens walkways, patios, and driveways.  Cleans efflorescence.
Food/Beverage: Use in acid baths/washes.  Cleans lines, vats, tanks, etc. Syncacid is a safer alternative to Hydrochloric Acid.
General Maintenance: Removes calcium and other mineral stains from water heaters, cooling towers, tubs, toilets, and showers. Removes rust, mildew stains, scale, and mineral build-up.  Excellent as an acid wash and effective filter cleaner.  Use to etch metal surfaces in preparation for painting.  Removes mineral buildup from water fountains.  Syncacid has been used in various industries to minimize acid hazard.

For general cleaning and etching, add 1 part Syncacid to 4 parts water. Certain applications require weaker solution. Always check an inconspicuous area.  For pH adjustment, consult a local pool and spa* professional for proper dosage. Use at the same rate as standard Muriatic acid.  Use caution when using on aluminum or metal plated products as damage may occur.

Dispose according to all local, state, and federal regulations.
Product Capabilities: Syncacid reduces noxious fumes by up to 90%.  It will not burn intact skin or protein of the body.  By reducing the risk of acid burns and toxic fumes, it allows for easier handling, transportation, and storage.  Due to reduced fuming, there is less corrosion to metal structures, including storage areas, pool equipment, and filtration systems. Syncacid is as effective upon oxides of metal when compared with standard Muriatic acid.

pH Concentrate: Less than one.
Shelf Life:  4 to 5 years.

Contains synthesize hydrochloric acid.  Keep out of sun and away from heat. May cause severe burns on contact with eyes and mucous membranes.  Avoid possible vapors.  Always provide active ventilation when working with Syncacid.  Use of an acid vapor respirator may be necessary in enclosed areas.  Do not take internally.  Keep container closed.