Nano Paraffin Dissolve

Nano Paraffin Dissolve:

Nano Paraffin Dissolve is a revolutionary product combining several proprietary Nano solubilization chemistries that are Nano enhanced. Second generation Nano particle technology is a revolutionary approach to creating substances from particles engineered at the molecular level. The Nano engineered re-liquefaction particles drive the proprietary blend of liquefaction chemistries deep into even the toughest deposits, providing superior dissolving and re-liquefaction capabilities. The toughest deposits and buildups can be dissolved with minimal flow of agitation.


The proprietary blend of solubilization Nano chemistries allow for a wide range of applications within the oil industry. Check with local distributors for specific feed rates and recommendations.

Hydrocarbon Liquefaction & Dissolving Process:

Nano Paraffin Dissolve will re-liquefy or remediate petroleum (hydrocarbon) based sludges, sediments, and solids. These compounds include distillate fuel oils, residual oils, lubricants and many other products resulting from the distillation of crude oil. The hydrocarbon chains are re-liquefied, the viscosity reduces (up to 80% or more) and the API gravity increased (up to 3 times) upon application of Nano Paraffin Dissolve. The oil is not harmed and recovery rates of 85% (of the available hydrocarbons) or more are normally achieved. Finally, the product does not require removal prior to refining. 

Paraffin Re-Liquefaction:

Nano Paraffin Dissolve is an efficient means for addressing a number of paraffin deposits, whether down-well, in flow-lines or battery tanks or any other location. The blend of solubilization chemistries allows for the saturated, unbranched, acyclic hydrocarbons (basis for the paraffin) to be broken down and short-chain hydrocarbons substituted. The Nano particles allow penetration into even the severely dehydrated paraffin deposits. One re-liquefied, the paraffin will maintain its state, even down to very low temperatures, thus preventing re-depositing. NOTE: Due to many paraffin deposits containing a high percentage of mineral deposits bound within the paraffin complex, Syncacid- 300 Plus, blended in or in conjunction with Nano Paraffin Dissolve may be recommended. Your local distributor will be able to advise you with regards to your specific application.

Asphaltene Re-liquefaction:

As with paraffin, Nana Paraffin Dissolve is an efficient solution for addressing asphaltene deposits, particularly in flow-lines or various deposits. Down-hole applications in gas or oil wells are also efficiently addressed. Nana Paraffin Dissolve replaces the short to mid length hydrocarbon chains that have volatilized off during the deposition process. These “replaced” hydrocarbon chains are not non-volatile, thus-preventing re-depositing of the asphaltene, The Nano Paraffin Dissolve particles, again, provide superior product penetration, thus performance.

Storage & Handling:

Aspiration hazard if swallowed. Inhalation of mist may produce severe irritation of the respiratory tract. Do not induce vomiting if swallowed. Safety glasses and gloves, as a minimum, are recommended when handling. Keep container closed when not in use. Keep product away from open flame or excess heat and in a cool and dry place, at room temperature. Refer to the Nano Paraffin Dissolve Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for other safety and handling information.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Homogenous, non-viscous liquid
Color Light Red
Odor Solvent like
Solubility 100%
pH   Neat NA
Specific   Gravity 0.78
Flash   Point 49.4°C
Boiling   Point 154.4°C


Features and Benefits:

  • Increased Oil & Gas Production
  • Reduces Oil Viscosity
  • Does Not Require Heating
  • Does Not Require Removal Prior to Refining
  • Reduces Under Deposit Corrosion
  • Rapid Line Clean-up
  • Reduces Pumping Fees
  • Prevents Re-depositing
  • Extends Life of Equipment


Nano Paraffin Dissolve is shipped in 5 gallon, 55 gallon and 275 gallon containers. Bulk quantities are available upon request.