Oil & Gas Drilling Specialty

Bio Balance Downhill Drilling Fluid
Bio Balance Downhole Drilling Fluid is a member of organic complex oil chemistry. It is designed for downhole drilling that can be used with water based muds, oil based muds, and heavy brine solutions. It is extremely stable at high temperatures.

Chemical Use in Hydraulic Fracturing
Chemicals serve many functions in hydraulic fracturing.  From limiting the growth of bacteria to preventing corrosion of the well casing, chemicals are needed to insure that the fracturing job is effective and efficient.

Nano Paraffin Dissolve
Nano Paraffin Dissolve is a revolutionary product combining several proprietary Nano solubilization chemistries that are Nano enhanced. Second generation Nano particle technology is a revolutionary approach to creating substances from particles engineered at the molecular level. The Nano engineered re-liquefaction particles drive the proprietary blend of liquefaction chemistries deep into even the toughest deposits, providing superior dissolving and reliquefaction capabilities. The toughest deposits and buildups can be dissolved with minimal flow of agitation.

Pipe on Pipe Nano Lube Additive 1126 Organic Based Concentrate – OB 
Pipe on Pipe Nano Lube Additive 1126 Organic Based Concentrate – OB is a highly concentrated organic oil based Nano Lubricant.

Pipe on Pipe Nano Lube Additive 860 Concentrate – WB 
Pipe on Pipe Nano Lube Additive 860 Concentrate – WB is a highly concentrated water based Nano Emulsion Lubricant.

SEBS For Frac Back Water

Frac and Flow Back Water contain heavy Brine among other dissolve minerals and various additives. This contaminated water is not safe to use for anything or anywhere. The best solution to this combined wastewater disposal and water supply problem is to simply treat and recycle the flow back water, with our Eco friendly SEBS Microbial solution over and over again, to lower brine concentrations and lower various mineral concentrations.

Syncacid-300 Plus

Syncacid 300 Plus breaks down calcium, lime, rust and other deposits, which, until now, required the use of harsh acids.

Syncacid is a user-friendly Muriatic acid* which combines a buffer with hydrochloric acid, making the acid easier to use.

Syncacid Nano Enhanced
Syncacid is the only world Nano Enhanced Synthetic acid with cleaning properties that out performed traditional acids like Muriatic acid without any of the harmful effects.

Syncos is a synthetic Non-Caustic cleaner that will clean without the dangerous properties of Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, and other caustic cleaners.