The Invisible Nano Water-repellent for Glass

This uniquely formulated product is designed with NANO polymeric chemistry for all automotive glass.  This treatment forms a bond with the glass surface, and helps improve visibility and driving response by a full second in wet wintry and rainy conditions. That’s about four car lengths extra stopping distance.

This invisible NANO water repellent treatment for windshield helps make ice and snow easier to remove in cold icy and snowy winter weather and provides a clear view in extreme rainy weather.


·        Improves all weather visibility and safety.

·        Increase driving comfort.

·        Much easier to remove ice, snow, frost, salt, mud and bugs.

·        Increase the effectiveness of wiper blades to remove water, snow and ice quickly.

·        Increase the life of wiper blades.

·        Can help avoid an accident.



This invisible NANO treatment is generally applied by spraying directly on to the windshield surface and by wiping off with micro fiber or cotton cloth. Initially apply two coats for proper treatment and adhesion to the windshield surface. After second treatment, windshield surface can be buffed with dry polishing pad. By buffing, NANO polymer creates a stronger more permanent bond with the windshield surface.

Depending on the weather the water repellent NANO treatment can last, as long as a year, but on average it should be reapplied every 6 months for best results. Treatment should be re applied as soon as visibility starts to become impaired in wet weather.

Note: This NANO treatment product can be sold to auto dealers, car washing and auto detailing, quick oil change franchise or any auto repair facilities. These places can install this treatment for their customers for a small fee.

This product can be sold at most auto parts store, gas stations, auto dealers, windshield repair companies or wherever auto supplies are sold.

This product can be added to the existing windshield washer fluid reservoir mixed in with windshield washer fluid as a NANO treatment for the windshield.  This will replace the treatment every time as the washer fluid is sprayed on the windshield.