Nano Tech Polish

Nano Tech Polish is an invisible, protective, microscopic coating made with nano technology, which preserves natural beauty, retards fine scratches, repels dirt and water, and makes future cleaning quick and easy.

This product removes ordinary soil, dust particles, fingerprints, and static from doorknobs. For autos, it reduces wind drag (friction) and improves gas mileage; it also repels snow and ice when applied to windshields.

Nano Tech Polish can be used on vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, kitchen counter tops, and many man-made surfaces. Specifically, it can be used on windows, furniture, plexi glass, mirrors, woodwork, crystals, porcelain, stoves, pearls, ceramic tile, refrigerators, counter tops, automobiles, marbles, boats, clocks, watches, formica, airplanes, cameras, digital instruments, eye glasses, gauges, computers, diamonds, stainless steel, chrome, jewelry, copper, brass, silver, TV screens, stained glass, and LCD and Plasma monitors.

Advantages: Nano Tech Polish reduces friction, repels dirt, water, and dust, snow and ice, and makes surfaces very slick and smooth; nothing will stick to it. It removes and prevents static, and improves fuel mileage on all autos, airplanes, boats, and buses. It reduces and repairs minor scratches, and it does not build-up like ordinary wax; Nano Tech Polish does not increase weight or change the dimension(s) of any solid surfaces.

Applications: Heavy deposits of grease and grime should be removed before applying. All autos should be clean and dry before applying this product.

Use full strength; spray over the surface and wipe off dry with a clean, dry cotton cloth. For autos, apply 2 coats (for best results) and use a slow speed buffer/polisher. Apply as often as needed.

Caution: Do not use this product on a floor; the floor may become slippery and dangerous to walk on. If over spray occurs, reaching the floor, use a floor cleaner or a strong detergent to clean the floor.