Nano Overcoat 1100

NANO OVERCOAT 1100 is an invisible barrier designed for painted masonry surfaces, fiberglass and plastic panels, and painted metal surfaces. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOOD SURFACES.


– Deep penetrating.
– Forms a non-stick slick barrier.
– Fills in micro-pours on the surface.
– Repels dirt, dust, moisture, soap scum, and stains.
– Makes future surface cleaning easier and effortless.
– Protects surface from discoloration and staining.

Step 1: Before applying the Nano Overcoat 1100, use EST Heavy Duty Cleaner to clean the surface. This will remove any unwanted particles and stains and will open the pours to allow the product to penetrate and adhere to the surface.

Note: Please consult the information on the EST Heavy Duty Cleaner container before using it.

Step 2: Apply the Nano Overcoat 1100 with an airless sprayer; the surface should be clean and dry prior to application. If the surface is very porous, apply 2-3 coats if necessary until the surface becomes saturated with the Nano Overcoat 1100. Allow 2-3 hours for the coating to penetrate and cure.

Coverage/Dilution: Use 5 gallons of concentrated Nano Overcoat 100 mixed with 45 gallons of water to make 50 gallons of ready to use product.

Approximate Coverage Rate: 1000-1200 square feet per gallon based on porosity of surface.

Recommended Application: Based on the current condition of the surface, product can be applied once a week or once every 2 weeks.

Caution: Wear rubber gloves and eye protection to protect from over spray if necessary. Prolonged contact with the floor can cause the floor to become too slippery. Any excess product that runs down the floor can be mopped and rinsed off with a Heavy Duty Concrete Floor Cleaner. Wash all equipment with soap and water. If swallowed, seek medical attention. If eye contact occurs, flush the eye(s) with water for 10 minutes. If skin contact occurs, wash the skin with warm water and soap. Keep Out Of Reach of Children!