Nano Gun Grease-GTI


Nano Gun Grease-GTI is engineered with a highly complex Nano chemistry for deeper penetration and provides extremely long-lasting protection. Nano Gun Grease-GTI delivers exceptional performance by reducing wear and metal fatigue on key components of fire arms. Its lighter viscosity allows for easy migration to hard-to-reach weapon parts, such as trigger assemblies. It is ideal for dispensing into parts where a full disassembly is neither desirable nor practical. Also, it is excellent to use for general quick-lubrication replenishment for all stationary and moving internal parts to perform at its best. The Gun Grease-GTI is formulated with a non-hydrocarbon base chemistry and an all-synthetic Nano composite, non-toxic material that delivers long-lasting optimum relentless performance where most liquid lubricant fails.

Exceptional Performance:

Since Nano Gun Grease-GTI delivers exceptional performance in adverse conditions (sand, dirt, high-humidity, salt-water and extreme temperature environments) it has been the number one choice of the U.S. special force, leading law enforcement agencies and sport shooters worldwide. It provides ultimate lubrication protection for all wear parts and the bore; it eliminates galling, short-stroking, improves bore accuracy, increases muzzle velocity and is the best choice for extremely pressured and heavily loaded bearing conditions. It is EXCELLENT for long-term storage and maintaining weapons in fire-ready condition. Nano Gun Grease-GTI is formulated with very unique all-synthetic, non-toxic, Nano composite particles with the lowest known friction coefficient and maintains lubricity in most adverse conditions.

Nano Gun Grease-GTI is more than just gun grease, it is the #1 choice and the next generation of Nano Technology Lubrication. It is designed for the protection for advanced special force and law enforcement type handheld and crew-served weaponry that is used in extreme environmental operations and conditions. It is applied the same way as traditional gun grease application. Works excellent on metal-to-metal slides, where grease-like viscosity products are extremely necessary for weapons that have prolonged surface-to-surface contact, much like the 1911 Rails M1 carbine bolts and M16 bolt/carriers.

Unique Features:

Designed to replace all hydrocarbon based gun grease, CLP’s and dry lubes; and it will not dry, sag, evaporate, separate, and/or cause gumming, bad odor, V.O.C. and excessive carbon buildups like all other traditional gun grease and lubricants. Nano Gun Grease-GTI provides the highest possible protection against wear, humidity, and moisture, including salt water. It clings to most all internal mechanisms and leaves a long-lasting lubricity that repels dust/dirt that will not evaporate – excellent for “ready-to-fire” long-term storage and outperforms all traditional hydrocarbon base gun grease. It provides optimum friction reduction when wet or dry. Functional temperature range is between -65°F to 550°F. Keeps all internal moving and non-moving parts from overheating and prevents and minimizes metal fatigue and stress that is caused by contractions and expansions of gun metals due to extreme temperature fluctuations.