Nano Aircraft Polish


Nano Aircraft Polish is a revolutionary microscopic, invisible protective coating/polish made with Nano fusion Technology, especially design for the Aircraft Industries which preserves the natural beauty, retards fine scratches, repels dirt and water, and makes future cleaning quick and easy.  It removes ordinary soil, dust particles, repels fingerprints, and static from all applied surface. For Aircrafts, reduces wind drag (frictions) static’s and improves gas mileage.  Also repels snow and ice from windshields and all treated surfaces. Makes it effortless to de-ice the plane surface and use much less de-icing fluid and time when doing so. It can be used on vinyl, plastic, plexi glass fiberglass, rubber, painted and clear coat polished, and many other aircraft hard polished and unpolished metallic and non-metallic surfaces. This product is environmentally friendly and design to use for most interior and exterior aircraft surfaces.

Just spray on and wipe off dry with a soft Micro-Fiber cloth. Streaking and discoloration are impossible. Nano Protective coating is not affected by adverse weather conditions like ordinary wax. Recommend using with spray bottle.


Reduces friction, repels dirt water, dust, snow and ice.  Makes surfaces very slick and smooth nothing can stick to it.  Removes and prevents static’s improves fuel affiances by up to 2.5% on all Types of prop planes, Jet engine airplanes, and helicopters. For Prop small engine planes, reduces prop noise, turbulences and air pockets cause by various ambient temperature and air density as altitude changes.

For jet engine Aircrafts Reduces wind noise caused by heavy friction (Drag). Keeps air pockets from forming which result in a much smoother and turbulence free flight. Nano Aircraft Polish reduces and repairs minor scratches on clear coat finish on polished metallic surfaces caused by heavy friction, airborne dust and dirt particles.  Nano Aircraft polish does not build-up and burns off due to UV and high temperature unlike an ordinary Hydrocarbon and silicone base wax. It does not increase weight or change dimension of any solid surfaces.  Keeps surface cleaner for a longer period of time and makes future cleaning easier. Dust and dirt particles will not stick to the treated surface. In most case rain will rinse off dirt or dust particles which are settling on the surface of the Aircraft. It protects and restores all treated surfaces.

Typical Application

  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Airplanes All Exterior Surfaces
  • Helicopters
  • Digital Instruments
  • Aircraft Windshields
  • LED OR LCD Screens
  • Aircraft – All Interior Surfaces