Product: Aqua Seal –25 is a water base waterproofing sealer fusion with Nano Drivers, design to penetrate deep in to concrete, masonry, and fiberglass surfaces.

* Water base V.O.C. compliance.
* Use Indoor or Outdoor.
* Non-yellowing UV stable.
* Skid resistance, Dries tack free.
* Long lasting protection for new and old concrete.
* Prevent spalling, and provide protection against moisture.
*Repel spray paint, permanent markers, ink, and graffiti.

Product Description: Aqua Seal – 25 is a penetrating sealer designed to protect concrete surfaces, decks, pavement, parking structures, ramps, wall, concrete floors and fiberglass surfaces..  Aqua Seal – 25 protect against moisture, weathering, against corrosive adverse effects of de-icing salt, and spalling of concrete, and protect against all types of paint and graffiti.

Recommended for:
1. Any concrete structures. (Broom or smooth finish)
2. Parking Structures.
3. Pre Cast Concrete.
4. Lane Barriers.
5. Concrete Blocks and Bricks.
6. Exposed Aggregate.
7. Bricks and natural stones.
8.Porous fiberglass surfaces.

Floor Applications: For wet-look shine (Hi-gloss), may require three or more coats. This will depends on type of concrete surfaces. Allow 4 or more hours of drying time between each coat.

Direction For Use:
New Concrete: Concrete surface should be well cured; surface should be dry, and free of all dust, derbies, oil and tar.  All joint sealant caulking and patching should be in place before applying Aqua Seal – 25.
Old Concrete: Remove dirt, oil, and tar.  Remove loose spall, concrete, and patch before applying Aqua Seal – 25.Surface must be dry before application.

Equipment: Roller brush or low-pressure sprayer.

Application: Apply Aqua Seal – 25 with fine mist and than follow up with coarse spray over same area evenly.  For spall areas second coarse spray is recommended.

Coverage Rate: Exact coverage will depend upon the porosity of the surface and density of the concrete.
-Concrete (Broom finish)                                 150-175 Sq. ft./gal
-Concrete (smooth)                                          200-250 Sq. ft./gal
-Exposed Aggregate                                          175-200 Sq. ft./gal
-Concrete Blocks                                                 75-100 Sq. ft./gal
-Brick (Red or White)                                        200-250 Sq. ft./gal
-Fiberglass                                                           300-400 Sq. ft./gal

Clean Up: Use warm water and soap.


Packaging: 1, gal 5, gal and 55, gal.

Availability: FOB our dock Kansas City, Kansas.

Limited Warranty: E.S.T. has no control over the storage, handling or use of this product, thus the guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only.