This product is design for all ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces, to prevent further rusting and oxidizing. It also provides excellent barrier against moisture.

How To Use: Do not sand or remove visible rust from the surface. If rust is flaking off, scrape off till surface becomes smooth before applications. This product is design to use straight, do not dilute this product. Use paintbrush, or roller for applications. Apply evenly, till even coat is applied.

Reaction And Cure Time: As product begins to dry it will react with rust and make rusted surface black and smooth. If there is no rust present, coating will remain clear. Normal initial cure time is between 2 to 4 hours depending on the air temperature. Treated surface can be painted after 8 hours of final cure time.

Advantages: Anti Rust coating will make surface waterproof and rust proof. Treated surface will not rust same place where treatment was applied. Surface can be painted with solvent or epoxy base paint.

Precautions: Mix well before using. Long-term storage can cause residue fall out on bottom of containers. Store this product at room temperature. Protect all non-metal surfaces, like wood, glass concrete, insulation’s, and fiberglass. If over spray occurs, wash the surface with water and wipe off dry.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. This is industrial product, use by person having knowledge about product and applications. Use eye protections and rubber gloves while working with this product.

If eye contact, rinse eyes with plenty of water. If skin contact, wash with soap and warm water. In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting see physician.