WP Blockade Cement Mortar Additive

WP Blockade Cement Mortar Additive is a water-repellent additive for mortar joints.


– Provides an excellent water and moisture screen.

– Spalling and sealing of blocks and pavers is eliminated.

– Minimize efflorescence, mold, and mildew.

– Uniformity of integral colors.

– Compatible with set accelerators.

– Provides exceptional strength.

– Blocks are drier, thus better insulating.

– Blocks may be painted.

– Provides lubricity and clean casting of blocks.


Technical Data:

– Type: High molecular organofunctional.

– Shelf Life: 6 to 12 months in a closed container.

– Biodegradable: Yes.

– Specific Gravity: 1.0.

– Form: Milky Liquid.

– Flash Point: None.

– Total Solid: More than 50%.

– VOC (Volatile Organic Compound): Yes.

– VOC Content: Less than 10 g/L.

– Absorption: ASTM C-140 (24 Hour Submersion Test: 98.4% effective in reduction water intrusion.).

– Water Repellency: ASTM C-67 (96% min.).

– Water Permanent Test of Masonry % of Reduction of Leakage into Block: ASTM 514-74 and ASTM E-514-86 (99.8% min.).

– Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate: ASTM E096-90 (93% min.).

– Accelerated Weathering QUV: 2500 hours (no less repellency).

– Efflorescence: NBS-883 (highly resistant).

– Permeability (treated and untreated specimen): ASTM D-1653 (minimum 80 untreated sample).

Applications: WP Blockade Cement Mortar Additive should be used at a rate of 16 oz. per 70-80 lbs. Have prepared masonry cement, or the weight equivalent of Portland and lime mortars. For example, one quart (32 oz) of WP Blockade Cement Mortar Additive would be used with a 94 lb. bag of Portland cement and 50 lbs. of hydrated lime (144 total lbs. of material), plus 6 cubic feet of masonry sand for Portland and lime type N (1-1-6) mortar mix.


Clean Up: Use warm water to clean tools and equipment.


Caution: Blockade will freeze; store at room temperature. Keep container closed when not in use to avoid contamination.