Wet-Look 2000-109

Key Benefits

  • Static Control
  • Solvent-Free
  • Hardness
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • UV Resistance
  • Vinegar and Mild Acid Resistance
  • Wet Look Shine
  • No Discoloring
  • No Slipping
  • No Mark
  • Extremely Durable Long Lasting Shine
  • Extreme-Performance
  • Extremely- Glossy
  • Extremely – Durable
  • Nano Enhanced
  • VOC Compliance
  • Easy to Apply
  • Long Wearing

Clean floors so that all dirt and other foreign substance are removed.
Allow the floor to dry. Apply this product with a Micro fiber pad or Wax applicator
For extremely Long Lasting Finish, three or four coats are recommended.
Can be burnished between each coat. Metal wear finish does not need buffing, however if you wish to buff, wait 2-4 hours after application.

Typical Properties
Appearance                                         Translucent Dispersion
Type                                                      Aliphatic Polyester Polymer
Total Solids, by Weight %                   28
Total Solids, by Volume %                  25
pH                                                          7.5-8.0
Viscosity, Brook-field, cps                 125
Weight Per Gallon, 25’C, lbs              8.5
Acid Number, on Solids                     14/gms per liter
Volatile Organic Compounds, by Weight:
Triethylamine, %                                 1.4
Free Film Properties
Tensile strength, PSI                           7000
100% Modulus, PSI                             4000
Elongation %                                       300
Slip Resistance                                   ASTM-D-2047
Dry Film Static Control                      100%

Note: For new floor tiles initially apply 4 to 5 coats before burnishing. Use EST’s  “Neutral Floor Cleaner” to neutralize floor surface before applying this finish. For daily maintenance use EST’s “Spray And Buff” to revive the gloss.