Tile seal 2000 is made with Hi Tech poly Alkoxy Silane base material. Tile seal 2000 is made to apply on dry concrete tiles.

  • Penetrating sealer, dose not leave film after it dries..
  • Reduce Efflorescence.
  • Leave (Non Gloss) Matt finish on surface.
  • Dose not changes color of tiles.
  • UV. Stable keep the color of tile natural looking.
  • Non-Voc. Water base.
  • Safe to use.

Drying Time: Dry to touch less than 3 hours. Initial cure will be in 24 hours. Maximum cure will reach within 7 days.

Application: Application can be made with automatic sprayer or low-pressure sprayer using 10 to 20 PSI can be applied on tiles after it’s been installed on roof.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Protect eyes, use goggles and rubber gloves and boots. If skin contact,, wash thoroughly with warm water & soap.

Warning: Keep container close when not in use. Avoid over spray on tools ground or any hard surfaces. If over sprayed, wash equipment with soap and warm water.

Packaging: 5gal, 55gal & special request totes.

Technical Service: Please contact E.S.T. for technical services.