SW-100 Soft Water

This special product is designed to use in hard water with heavy mineral concentrations.

Use: Used in hard water, in various cleaning and polishing water base formulations. SW – 100 make water soft by binding mineral and other calcium deposits, SW – 100 are designed to be used for non-potable water, such as cleaning and industrial use.

Dosage: Adjust dosage according to the hard water. Do small sample test first before adding in to big batch. Follow chart below for proper dosage.

Total gal water very hard water Mid hard water
50 gal up to 24 fl-oz 8 t0 20 fl-oz
100 gal up to 48 fl-oz 16 to 40 fl-oz
200 gal up to 96 fl-oz 32 to 60 fl-oz
250 gal up to 120 fl-oz 64 to 80 fl-oz

Note: Use in most Alkaline pH range from 6 to 14 pH, test your water hardness before using SW – 100.

Benefits: Adjust formulations with SW-100 water softener, may reduces need of more surfactants, perfumes and dyes. Increase self-life, reduce separation problem, increase cleaning power and reduce hard surface tension.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. To avoid direct skin contact wear rubber gloves while working with this product.

First Aid:
Skin contact: Rinse off with soap and water.
Eyes: Rinse off with plenty of water. See Physician.
Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. See physician.

Packaging: 5, gal and 55, gal drums.

Limited Warranty: EST inc. has no control over the storage handling or use of this product, thus the warranty is limited to the purchase price of defective material only.