Sub Zero Patch was developed specially for use as joint filler in industrial floors and freezer floors. Sub zero patch cures at as low as (-50) minus 50°F. Also designed to be used in freezer rooms to fill construction joints.

Unique Advantages:

  • Freezer Room.
  • Has Adhesion to all types of building materials.
  • Will resist to oil – fat, grease, motor oil, and heavy traffic.
  • Will not shrink or crack.
  • Will move with the floor joints.
  • Flexible enough to stand heavy fork lift traffic.

Technical Data:

  • Solid Content                    100%
  • Part A’                              7.5lbs
  • Part B’                              1.5lbs
  • Color                                Green, Gray, Off White, Black, and Red
  • Total Unit Weight               9lbs

Shelf Life & Storage:
Sub Zero Patch has a guaranteed shelf life of 180 days, if the two components remain stored at a room temperature (68’F).

For Freezer Floors: Limitations:
Sub Zero Patch should be installed only when the room has reached it’s final operating temperature and has stabilized, ensuring that joints are at their widest. After installing Sub Zero Patch freezer temperature should remain same for minimum 48 hrs.

Special Advantage:
Sub Zero Patch become more flexible as temperature rise. If freezer room should lose refrigeration, the slab will expand and the joint will compress. Unlike other fillers Sub Zero Patch will compress with the slab movement and should not contribute to structural cracking.

Test Test-Method Result
Compressive strength Astm D-685 A 25’C More than 7000 PSI
Hardness: Shore A Astm D-676 75+or-5
Tensil Strength Astm D-412 2000 PSI
Adhesion Astm D-1191 225 PSI
Elongation Astm D-412 100%
Weathering  ——– Excellent
Flexibility  ——– Excellent

Estimated Coverage:
Coverage table shown below is estimated at room temperature.

  • One unit (9lbs) contain 270 cubic inch of material.
  • One unit consists of part A and part B
  • Coverage will depend upon the workmanship and wastage.
  • As a general practice no backed rod is used in freezer floor joints

Follow coverage chart below (in linear feet)

Width of Joint Depth of Joint
In Inch 1′ 11/4″ 11/2″ 2′ 3″ 4″
1″ 25 22 19 12 10 8
3/4″ 35 29 24 22 15 13
1/2″ 45 38 31 26 19 12
1/4″ 90 66 53 40 27 20

Sub Zero Patch is safe to use while food is stored in the freezer. Sub Zero Patch dose not give out fume or odor while curing.

Application Method:
1. Surface preparation: Floor should be cut at room temperature. Joint and floor should be dust free, moisture free, ice free, and oil free before the application.

Mixing method:
A. Mixing must be done at room temperature (68’f) or above. Do not mix smaller batch for partial mixing. Part A and park B are exact amount.
B. Mix part A with slow paddle mixture make sure there is no moisture can enter while mixing. Add Part B in to park A while mixing, pour all part B amount in to mixture. Expect weight is required for curing.
C. Mix at least for 2 minutes. Exact timing required while mixing. Mix till it becomes uniform.
D. Once the unit is mixed, it has a pot life of 30 minutes at 68’f.
E. Now Mixture is ready to pour into the joints, for faster and cleaner application, take mixture out into smaller plastic container or cup before pouring into smaller joints.
F. Once the mixture is poured into the joint than follow up with putty knife or scrapper for smoother application.
G. We do not recommend cleaning of agitator between next container mixing.
H. For cleaning up uses mineral spirits or odorless solvent for scrappers and agitator.

Keep both unit part A and Part B stored at room temperature. Store in dry place. Moisture contamination will damage the material. When working wit part B avoids contact with skin, Rubber gloves are required while working with both units.

Important Factors:
A. Read Mixing and application guide before doing any work.
B. Prepare surface carefully, Cutting saw joints smooth as possible.
C. For complete cure minimum 48 hrs are required. Sub Zero patch will cure faster at higher temperature.
D. Freezer floor temperature should remain same while curing.
E. Any cured material, rise up above the joint can be cut back to floor level with sharp scrapper or knife.
F. Sub Zero Patch will bond to old and new cured material.
G. Sub Zero Patch dose not require air to cure. It has chemical cure property.
H. This material should be installed by only caulking applicators professional.

Safety And Storage:
Sub Zero Patch should be stored at room temperature (68’f or above). Moisture contamination will ruin the material. When working with Part-B avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, wash skin with plenty of water. For eyes get medical attention. Contaminated clothing should be washed before use. Do not smoke during mixing or application. Use in well ventilated areas only.

Important checkpoints before application:
Applicator should read this “Guide” before under taking any work.
2. Sub Zero Patch should be stored at room temperature in a dry place; shelf life at room temperature is 6 months.
3. Follow mixing instruction carefully.
4. Do not open traffic on the treated areas for 48 to 72 hours (at-20’f) use metal plate to cover the traffic areas. Do not let metal plate touch the material.

Cured Material:
When Sub Zero Patch is fully cured it will feel like hard pliable rubber. It dose not cure to be hard like concrete or epoxy. It is specially design to be like hard pliable rubber to withstand traffic. Pot life is 30 minutes after mixing part A and B.

Availability and Cost:
This material is directly available to applicators from EST, FOB our dock. Please contact EST for current cost and product availability.

Limited Warranty:
EST has not control over the storage handling or use of this product, thus the warranty is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only.