(Heavy Duty Paint Remover)


Strip-All heavy-duty paint remover is a specially formulated product to remove all types of coating, paint, decals, adhesives, Scotch-Lite coatings, etc.

Application: Do Not Dilute Or Alter Packaged Material.

  1. Apply Strip-All heavy-duty paint remover liberally on the surface to be cleaned. Use natural bristle only. Do not use rubber or plastic bucket or tank as holding tank.
  2. Allow Strip-All heavy-duty paint remover to stand until coating or decal starts to wrinkle.
  3. Lift coating or decal with a putty knife or scrubbing. For stubborn spots agitate with steel wool or wire brush. Rinse area with a detergent solution.
  4. For difficult removal, above procedures may be repeated.


Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. May cause irritation
Use only in well ventilated areas.
Keep Strip-all heavy-duty paint remover off of asphaltic surfaces and rubber parts.
Keep container tightly sealed after each use.
Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Caution: contains Halogenated Solvent

First Aid:Avoid repeated contact and prolonged breathing of vapors. In case of contact with eyes, wash eyes immediately with water and see a physician. In case of ingestion, see a physician. In case of fire, use dry chemicals or CO2 type extinguisher.

Limited Warranty: Est Inc. has no control over the storage, handling, or use of this product, thus the guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only.

For Industrial Use Only-Non Flammable
NFPA Hazard Rating: Extreme-4, High-3,  Moderate-2,  Slight-1,  Insignficant-0