Soil Binder & Mineral Neutralizer

This product is design to control crystal growth and neutralize any minerals, salt and efflorescence due to high humidity and moist environments. Once the crystal growth and neutralization process is completed the time release mechanism of soil binding property will create flexible yet hard film, to bind and plasticizer remaining loose soil and dust particles.


  • Increase compressive surface strength.
  • Control crystal growth and efflorescence.
  • Bind loose soil and dust particles
  • Creates smooth and flexible paintable membrane.
  • Works excellent in moist and humid environment.
  • Made to use in enclosed area such as caves, tunnels, under the bridges. Masonry concrete and stone walls.
  • Surface is paintable after 8 hours.


Technical Data:
Odor————————— Sweet
Weight per gal—————- 8.63
pH—————————— 9.0 to 9.5
Appearance——————– Milky
Solubility in H20————– Complete
Fumes————————— None

Application: Use paint sprayer roller or brush to apply this product. Wait 6 to 8 hours for second applications for thicker film (optional).

Precaution: Protect all surrounding and surfaces from over spray. Clean all equipment with soap and warm water. Dry film can be easily removed with putty knife and scrappers.


Caution: Keep out of reach of Children. Wear rubber or cotton gloves, goggles and head protection from over spray.

First Aid:
Skin: Rinse off with soap and water.
Eyes: Rinse off with plenty of water. See physician.
Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. See physician


Packaging: 5 gallon, and 55-gallon drums

Limited Warranty: EST Inc. has no control over the storage, handling or use of this product, thus the warranty is limited to the purchase price of defective material only.