Silane Seal – 40 WB

Silane Seal 40 Water Based is a penetrating, polysiloxane based water repellent for limestone and precast and concrete surfaces.

Silane Seal 40 is made to use on concrete decks, bridges, parking garages, limestone, and smooth precast surfaces.


– Prevents concrete spalling and scaling.
– Extremely high alkali resistant.
– Dries tack-free; skid resistant surfaces and non-yellowing.
– Long lasting protection for new and old concrete surfaces; last twice as long as Silane Seal 20.

Technical Data:

– Silane Seal 40 has met or surpassed all of the following specifications.
– SS-W-100 C Federal specifications.
– Alberta Transportation and utility procedure (ATST2a).
– Composition: Alkyalkoxysilane in water.
– Active Solid: 40%.
– Color (gardner): 2 Max.
– Weight/Gallon: 8.8 lbs./gallon.
– VOC Content (EPA method 24): Less than 350 g/L.
– Flash Point: More than 200° F.
– Specific Gravity: 25.

Applications: Surface should be free of dust, debris, oil, and stains. Caulk all joints and cracks, and patch surfaces before applying.

For Vertical Surfaces: Application can be made with a low-pressure sprayer using 10 to 20 psi, or can be applied with a roller or brush. When spraying vertical surfaces, let the material run down 5 to 15 inches, saturating the surface from the contact point; spray the surface again before the surface dries.

For Horizontal Surfaces: Flood the surface using a low-pressure sprayer with 10 to 20 psi, or use a roller, brush, or broom. Apply solution evenly; redistribute any puddles or freestanding material.

Coverage Rate/Curing Time:

– Silane Seal 40 will be dry to the touch in 2-4 hours. Initial cure will take 24 hours; maximum cure will require up to 7 days.
– Concrete (broom finish): 100 – 125 estimate square feet/gallon.
– Lime Stone: 100 – 150 estimate square feet/gallon.
– Smooth Precast: 100 – 125 estimate square feet/gallon.
– Rough Exposed Aggregate: 80 – 125 estimate square feet/gallon.
– Block (high density): 75 – 100 estimate square feet/gallon.
– Block (low density): 50 – 75 estimate square feet/gallon.

Clean Up: Use soap and water to clean tools and equipment.

Caution: Not recommended to be used at, or below, 40° F; store product at room temperature. Keep off glass surfaces; if contact occurs, clean immediately. Do not apply if rain is predicted within 24 hours. Do not dilute or alter the product. Protect glass metal and other non-masonry surfaces from over spray.

Guarantee/Warranty/Liability: On an individual project base, EST, Inc. will provide a material only written warranty up to 5 years. EST, Inc. has no control over the storage, handling, or use of this product. The guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only.