Silane Seal – 100 WB

Silane Seal-100 WB (Water Based) is a concentrated deep penetrating sealer designed to protect concrete surfaces, decks, pavements, parking structures, ramps, bridges, marine platforms, lane barriers, etc.; it also protects against corrosive, adverse effects of de-icing salts (chloride screens), moisture, weathering, and scaling of concrete structures. It must be diluted before use. Silane Seal-100 WB is also excellent for brick masonry and many types of stone masonry.


– Provides an excellent chloride screen
– Extremely high alkali resistant.
– Dries clear and does not alter substrate appearance; tack-free; skid resistant surfaces.
– Long lasting protection for new and old concrete surfaces.
– Eco Friendly
– Penetrates deeply (up to 5 mm) and quickly
– Reacts chemically with substrate to provide molecular level water repellency
– UV and thermal stability (20+ years)
– Reduces mold and mildew growth
– Protects against surface contamination, staining, and efflorescence
– Provides excellent chemical resistance and protection from oils, acids, chemicals, greases, solvents and salts.
– Labor Saving, no masking required if windows and metal trim are clean
– Exceed ASTM Standards

Technical Data: SILANE SEAL-100 WB has met or surpassed all of the following specifications.

– SS-W-100 C Federal specifications.
– Alberta Transportation and utility procedure (ATST2a).
– Active Solid: 100%
– Flash Point: 112°F (44°C).
– Shelf Life: 1 year.
– Chemical Family: functional Silane and siloxane.


Chloride Screened 98% NCHRP #244 Test Method Applied 125 square feet/gallon
Scaling Resistance Not Scaling SATM-C-672, 50 cycles and 125 cycles
Repellency Factor 92% NCHRP #244 Test Method
Water Absorption .370% ASTM-C-642, 24 hours


ASTM Technical Data:

ASTM D 6489 Concrete water penetrationLess than 15% after 24 & 48 hours
ASTM G 154 Accelerated WeatheringLess than 5% Loss after 2000 hrs.
ASTM E514 Brick/Masonry Std. Test for Water PenetrationPasses 85% reduction
ASTM 1653:03 Masonry Vapor Transmission
ASTM E 303:93 Wet Concrete Slip Resistance
IS 3067-1988 Masonry Damproofing of Buildings
IS 13182-1991 Masonry Damproofing & Waterproofing of Buildings

Applications: Surface should be free of all dust, debris, oil, and stains. Caulk all joints and cracks, and patch surfaces before applying. Use a low-pressure sprayer, roller, or brush for application.

Mixing Instructions: Silane Seal 100 WB must be diluted before use. Add water first, then slowly pour and mix concentrate at the following dilution rate.

Dilution Rate:

Horizontal application   10:1
Vertical application       20:1

Gently mix for 3-5 minutes. Do Not Mix Vigorously. This can introduce air bubbles and foam.

For Old Concrete: Remove any tar, oil, and/or rust stains by using a high-pressure washer; use EST, Inc.’s Heavy Duty Cleaner to remove stains.

New Concrete: The surface should be well cured using water, wet burlap, polyethylene, or curing paper. Membrane or chemical curing compounds should be removed by using a high-pressure washer and EST, Inc.’s Heavy Duty Cleaner.

For Vertical Surfaces: Application can be made with a low-pressure sprayer using 10 to 20 psi, or can be applied with a roller or brush. When spraying vertical surfaces, let the material run down 5 to 15 inches, saturating the surface from the contact point; spray the surface again before the surface dries.

For Horizontal Surfaces: Flood the surface using a low-pressure sprayer with 10 to 20 psi, or use a roller, brush, or broom; apply evenly. Let the surface absorb the solution and follow-up immediately with a second application before the surface dries; redistribute any puddles or free standing material.

Coverage Rate/Curing Time: Exact coverage will depend upon the porosity and density of the surface. Dry-to-touch in 2 hours; Initial cure will take 16 to 24 hours for light traffic; maximum cure will require up to 7 days.

– Concrete (broom finish): 75 – 100 estimated square feet/gallon.
– Concrete (smooth): 125 – 175 estimated square feet/gallon.
– Concrete (steel trowel finish): 150 – 200 estimated square feet/gallon.
– Stucco: 100 estimated square feet/gallon.
– Exposed Aggregate: 100 – 150 estimated square feet/gallon.
– Concrete Blocks: 75 estimated square feet/gallon.
– Brick Masonry: 150 – 200 estimated square feet/gallon.
– Pre-cast Horizontal: 100 – 120 estimated square feet/gallon
– Pre-cast Vertical: 120 – 200 estimated square feet/gallon

Clean Up: Use soap and water to clean tools and equipment.

Caution: Not recommended to be used at, or below, 40° F. Test all surfaces for suitability. Keep off glass surfaces; if contact occurs, clean immediately. Not suitable for asphalt surfaces. Use in a well-ventilated area only. Do not dilute or alter the product. Protect glass metal and other non-masonry surfaces from over spray. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! Do not use over curing membrane.