Patch Master 2000-50

Part –A: For patching and topping concrete surfaces.
Filling joints, and repairing on concrete floor.
For laying flagstone and paving bricks.

Surface preparation: Clean cracks and breaks to be patched thoroughly, by wire brushing or other suitable means. Surface must be thoroughly cleaned, free from dust, dirt, grease, wax, oil etc, must be etched with 10% Hydrochloric acid solution. Thoroughly rinse with water to remove all trace of acid.

Part -B, Bond Crete -101: 50: Bond Crete 101-50 is use in conduction with patch master 2000-50. Use 1qt (32oz) to50lbs of patch master 2000-50. After adding Bond Crete 101-50 add sufficient amount of water to yield a desirable consistency.

Coverage: 50lbs mix will cover approximately 12sq. ft. by 1/2” thick.

Test Data: Cured surface will exceeds the compressive strength requirements of ASTM – C-387.
1. Sand conforming to ASTM – C-144.
2. Sand conforming to ASTM – 404, sizes No -2.

Curing time: For large repair jobs 72 hours. For small patches, cracks, and foot traffic 48 hours. Allow 12 hours additional for forklift traffic.

Cleaning: Clean tools with hot water and soap. For dry or cured particles on tools use concrete cleaner.

For hand: Use soap and warm water.

CAUTION: Contains Portland cement and lime. Product is alkaline on contact with water. Use paddle for mixing, to avoid splashing in to eyes or contact with skin during mixing or applying, avoid contact with eyes. In case of such a contact, wash eyes repeatedly with water and call physician. Wash hand thoroughly after handling.

WARNING: Do not take internally. Irritating to skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children.